Puppet Master Hades Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Puppet Master Hades Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Hades. We’ll focus on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Puppet Master Hades is versatile, able to provide both support and function as a main carry. Her fixed damage mechanics allow her to deliver high damage even at lower Transcend Levels. Presently, her overall damage output outperforms any other characters in the game.

Puppet Master Hades Sigil Sets

There are two different Sigil builds for Puppet Master Hades:

Dark Plague Build

Puppet Master Hades Sigil Sets

Skill Spam Build

Puppet Master Hades Build

Puppet Master Hades Functor

The signature functor “Herald – Cerberus” is the best choice for Puppet Master Hades for several reasons:

Puppet Master Hades Functor

Fixed DMG Increase: This functor significantly increases Fixed DMG by 8000 (or 16000 at Tier 5) while in Dance Duo mode. Fixed DMG is an important aspect of her gameplay, and this increase enhances her overall damage output during this mode.

Dance Duo Mode Synergy: Puppet Master Hades’ Dance Duo mode is a crucial part of her kit, offering increased Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and a powerful joint attack by Leuce and Mintha. “Herald – Cerberus” complements this mode perfectly by providing a substantial damage boost to their joint attack, dealing Shadow DMG equal to 1200% of her attack.

Consistent Damage: Fixed DMG is not affected by the enemy’s defenses, making it a reliable source of damage regardless of the target’s attributes or resistances. This functor ensures that Puppet Master Hades can deal consistent and impactful damage, especially when she activates Dance Duo mode.

Recommended Functor: Herald – Cerberus
Recommended Functor F2P: Herald– Melampus

Puppet Master Hades Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Hades potential. Here are the recommended team formations:

Team 1

Puppet Master Hades Team Formation

Team 2

Puppet Master Hades Guide

Team 3

Puppet Master Hades Team Formation

Puppet Master Hades Aether Codes

Aether Codes play a vital role in further enhancing Hades abilities. There are two builds for her, each optimized for different scenarios:

Puppet Master Hades Aether Codes
  • 3 Red Aether Codes
  • 3 Yellow Aether Codes

Enchant Priority

  • Fierce Assault
  • Enraged/Berserk
  • Loopback
  • Shadow Blessing/Tactics Enhance
  • Shinn-ryuu/Gladiator

Warp Enhancements

  • Enhanced Factor (Increase DMG)
  • Executioner (Increase DMG when enemy HP is below certain percent)
  • Mutant Effect Field (Increase DMG propotinal to remaining HP)
  • Summoning Field I (Increase DMG when any Tier 3 Aether Code is active)
  • Divine Perception (Gain Divine Grace when start)
  • Kinetic Modified (Increase DMG dealt in Modified Mode)

Bonus Tips

Aether Codes choices: We recommend Mid 3 Aether Codes (Red) because they offer the highest damage among all Aether Codes builds. The disadvantage is the need to manage the Divine Grace combat resource within a certain range. If you want an easier build, you can choose Left 3 Aether Codes (Blue). It gives players the ability to use skills freely without managing the Divine Grace combat resource, but it has lower damage compared to Mid 3 Aether Codes. Right 3 Aether Codes provide DEF shred and Shadow DMG resistance shred, making it a decent support build.

Sigil choices: We recommend the Dark Plague set. Although the Silent Palace set may seem good at first glance, it is not well-suited for a modifier with high damage frequency like Puppet Master Hades. The preference is the Dark Plague set. The fixed DMG of the “Accompanying Dance” state can be increased by the Dark Plague set effect. Additionally, the Dark Plague set effect’s fixed DMG can trigger the fixed DMG from the “Accompanying Dance” state. Therefore, by combining these two pieces of equipment, the Dark Plague set will suit Puppet Master Hades more.

If you choose not to use a Signature with a high Transcend Level and opt for a “skill spam” build, you can use the Silent Palace set or the Mayet’s Judgment set for an Ultimate (“instant damage”) build.

Devine Grace Management: To manage Divine Grace with Mid 3 Aether Codes, we recommend using the following skill rotation when entering battle: 32323 (followed by 2 rotations of normal attacks, then change back to the “Partnered Dance” state with Skill 1) 123.

Source: https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv24504753

Final Thoughts

Puppet Master Hades excels as a versatile character in Aether Gazer, capable of delivering consistent damage. The Dark Plague and Skill Spam sigil builds offer flexibility, while “Herald – Cerberus” remains the prime functor choice for enhancing her fixed damage potential. Choosing the right team composition is essential, and our recommended Aether Codes cater to both main carry and AI support roles. Proper Divine Grace management is key, and the Dark Plague sigil set stands as the top choice.

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