Waverender Skadi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Waverender Skadi Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Waverender Skadi, focusing on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Waverender Skadi is an ice main carry with support and damage-dealing abilities. While her damage output isn’t exceptional, she shines in ice team compositions. By understanding the best team setup, choosing the right sigils, utilizing the unique functors, mastering her skills, and selecting suitable aether codes, you can unleash the full potential of Waverender Skadi.

Waverender Skadi Sigils

Waverender Skadi Sigils

Vanargand’s Seal provides a 10% increase in Ice Damage, which directly boosts the power of Skadi’s ice-based attacks. Since Skadi heavily relies on her ice skills and ultimate skill, this bonus amplifies the damage she can deal. Additionally, Vanargand’s Seal increases the Critical Damage of Ice Skills and Ultimate Skills by 20%. This synergizes perfectly with Skadi’s playstyle, as she can capitalize on critical hits to maximize her damage output. Moreover, when Skadi lands an attack on an enemy in the Freeze status, the Sigil further increases her Critical Damage by an additional 40%, allowing her to deal devastating blows to frozen foes.

Griffins’ Pride complements Vanargand’s Seal by increasing Skadi’s Critical Rate. With this Sigil, Skadi gains a 3% increase in Critical Rate for each Modifying Level attained in combat, stacking up to a maximum of 15%. This additional Critical Rate improves her chances of landing critical hits, further enhancing her overall damage potential. By combining both sets, Skadi benefits from increased ice damage, amplified critical damage, and a higher critical rate, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Recommended Sigils (without signature functor): Vanargand’s Seal 1,3,5 and Griffin’s Pride 2,4,6.
Recommended Sigils (with signature functor) : Iceberg 1,3,5 and Philosopher’s Fantasies 2,4,6.

Waverender Skadi Functor

Waverender Skadi Functor

The Signature Functor “Elf – Grey” is particularly advantageous for Waverender Skadi due to its unique effects that synergize well with her ice-based skills. When Skadi hits enemies with Frostbreak or Crystal Smash, the Functor decreases the Ice Resistance of those enemies by 12% for a duration of 15 seconds. This reduction in Ice Resistance makes the affected enemies more vulnerable to Skadi’s ice attacks and abilities.

Additionally, the Functor provides a significant boost to the non-DOT (Damage Over Time) damage that Skadi deals to enemies with lowered Ice Resistance. It increases the non-DOT damage by 64% of the Ice Resistance that has been reduced. This means that the more Ice Resistance is decreased, the greater the bonus damage Skadi inflicts on the affected enemies.

With the “Elf – Grey” Signature Functor equipped, Skadi gains an advantage against enemies by weakening their resistance to ice damage, allowing her to deal even more damage with her ice-based attacks. This makes the Functor an excellent choice for optimizing Skadi’s damage output and increasing her effectiveness in battles against foes with higher Ice Resistance.

Recommended Functor: Elf – Grey
Recommended Functor F2P: Elf – Merfil

Waverender Skadi Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Waverender Skadi’s potential. Here are two recommended team formations:

Ice Team:

Waverender Skadi Team

Team Comp 2:

Waverender Skadi Team

Note: You can replace Arctic Abyss Poseidon with Frost Fang Vidar.

Waverender Skadi Aether Codes

Waverender Skadi Aether Codes

Waverender Skadi offers three different builds that each have their own unique playstyle. If you’re aiming for a DPS Skadi, then 3 Blue Aether Codes are your best choice. These codes increase the damage of your charged attacks and provide Divine Grace, as well as shorten your ability cooldowns by 1 second. Another option is 3 Yellow Aether Codes, which specifically boost damage in “Cruise Mode.” Additionally, for those using an ice-based team composition, 3 Red Aether Codes are specifically designed to enhance ice damage for the entire team.

Recommended Aether Codes (DPS): 3 Blue Aether Codes
Recommended Aether Codes (Higher Cruise Mode Damage): 3 Yellow Aether Codes
Recommended Aether Codes (Ice Team Comp): 3 Red Aether Codes

Understanding Waverender Skadi’s Skills

Waverender Skadi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

To effectively utilize Waverender Skadi as your primary carry character, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of her skills. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Normal Attack: Waverender Slice

How it works: Waverender Skadi uses the Tyfhon Sword to attack the enemy multiple times, causing a total of 498% ice damage based on their attack power. By holding down the attack button, they can unleash a charged attack called Frostbreak after any regular strike. While using the Waverender vessel, the character cannot be knocked up by the enemy.

Frostbreak: This attack deals a total of 250% ice damage based on their attack power.

Cruise Mode: When Waverender Skadi is in Cruise Mode, their regular attacks automatically lock onto the target and launch two tracking missiles called piercers. Each missile deals ice damage equal to 80% of the character’s attack power. Additionally, two extra piercer tracking missiles are fired when the locked-on enemy is frozen.

Divine Grace: When Waverender Skadi is not in Cruise Mode, they gain Divine Grace when their normal attack or Frostbreak hits an enemy. However, when in Cruise Mode, both moving and drifting actions grant Divine Grace.

Skill 1: Cold Front

How it works: Skadi swiftly slashes enemies in front of her using the Typhon Sword, dealing a total of 1000% ice damage based on her attack power. With each enemy hit, she gains an Icebreaker Mark, up to a maximum of 3 Marks. Each active Icebreaker Mark increases the damage of her charged skills by 20% and her ice damage by 10%. When Skadi is in Cruise Mode, Cold Front is replaced by a skill called Polar Blizzard.

Polar Blizzard: By consuming 1 Icebreaker Mark, Skadi launches Freezer tracking missiles towards the enemy. These missiles explode, causing ice damage equal to 360% of her attack power to enemies within the explosion’s range. Additionally, enemies hit by Polar Blizzard are inflicted with the freeze status for 2 seconds, immobilizing them. Polar Blizzard has a cooldown of 4 seconds before it can be used again.

Skill 2: Flash Freeze

How it works: Skadi charges forward at a rapid pace, aided by the Waverender vessel, while slashing relentlessly. This creates ice spikes that inflict a total of 700% ice damage based on her attack power. When Skadi is in Cruise Mode, Flash Freeze is replaced by a skill called Crystal Smash.

Crystal Smash: This skill can only be activated when Skadi’s Devine Grace gauge is full. By consuming all of her Devine Grace, Skadi performs a dash attack towards the enemy she has locked onto. There is a brief window during the attack where she can trigger a dodge, allowing her to avoid incoming damage. The dash attack deals a total of 300% ice damage based on her attack power. Additionally, upon using Crystal Smash, the launch speed of her piercer tracking missiles is increased by 75% for 2 seconds. Crystal Smash has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Devine Grace: Skadi gains 15 Devine Grace whenever Flash Freeze successfully hits an enemy.

Skill 3: Cruise Mode

How it works: When Skadi’s Devine Grace gauge is completely filled, she can activate Cruise Mode by expending all of her Devine Grace. This mode remains active for 15 seconds.

Cruise Mode: While in Cruise Mode, Skadi gains Super Armor, making her immune to knockback effects. However, she is unable to use the skill Glacier Age during this time. To quickly change the direction of the Waverender vessel, Skadi can perform wide turns and “drift” on the water. Cruise Mode continues until Skadi activates the skill again, the duration expires, or all of her Devine Grace is consumed. When Cruise Mode ends, Skadi temporarily disappears beneath the ice and reemerges near the target location. This emergence deals a total of 700% ice damage based on her attack power.

Ultimate Skill: Glacier Age

How it works: The Waverender’s engines reach maximum power to amplify the Typhon Sword. After a brief charging period, Skadi unleashes a powerful frost blast that deals a total of 1000% ice damage based on her attack power to nearby enemies. Additionally, upon activating Glacier Age, all teammates’ charged skills receive a 45% damage increase for 15 seconds. Furthermore, Skadi gains a 25% charge towards her ultimate skill whenever an enemy becomes resistant to control effects.

Dodge Skill: Iron on the Waves

Holding Down Dodge Button (while not moving): By holding down the Dodge button, Skadi expends all of her Dodge Energy to create a protective barrier at her current location. This barrier reduces the damage she takes by 60%. When the barrier is active, Skadi can expend Dodge Energy again to block the damage from the first attack she receives. If Skadi has an Icebreaker Mark active, she can cancel the tap shortly after a successful block to unleash Frostbreak once, consuming 1 Icebreaker Mark. During Frostbreak, Skadi becomes invincible, meaning she cannot be harmed.

Tapping Dodge Button (while moving): Tapping the Dodge button while Skadi is in motion allows her to quickly dodge the attacks of her enemies. During this dodge, she also deals ice damage equal to 100% of her attack power to enemies she passes through. This damage is in total.

In Cruise Mode: When Skadi activates Cruise Mode, the Waverender vessel dives beneath the ice briefly to evade incoming enemy attacks. The same rules apply here: Extremity Dodge triggers the Dodge effect.

Dodge Effect: Whenever Skadi successfully performs a Dodge, she gains 1 Icebreaker Mark.


In conclusion, Waverender Skadi is a powerful character in the game Aether Gazer. With her ice-based abilities, she excels in ice team compositions. By optimizing team composition, selecting the right sigils, utilizing unique functors, mastering her skills, and choosing suitable aether codes, players can unlock Skadi’s full potential. Vanargand’s Seal and Griffins’ Pride are recommended sigils, while the “Elf – Grey” Signature Functor enhances her ice damage. Building a synergistic ice team is crucial. Understanding Skadi’s skills, such as Cold Front and Glacier Age, is essential for maximizing her damage output. With proper strategy, players can dominate the game with Waverender Skadi’s icy prowess.

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