Rahu Asura Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to Rahu Asura Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore one of the best fire characters in the game: Rahu Asura. She possesses unique abilities and a playstyle that makes her a formidable force on the battlefield. To optimize your gameplay with Rahu Asura, we will explore two different sigil builds, discuss the recommended functor, analyze her skills in detail, and suggest ideal team formations.

Sigil Build 1: The Damage Dealer

Rahu Asura Sigil Build 1

This sigil build focuses on maximizing Rahu Asura’s damage output, ensuring she can deal significant blows to her enemies. The key to this build lies in the combination of two sigil sets: Witch’s Judgment and Jörmungandr.

Witch’s Judgment boosts Asura’s damage by 35% against enemies with less than 40% of their HP, making her even deadlier when facing weakened opponents. Jörmungandr grants the “Fate of the Serpent” effect, which has a chance to restore 35% of Asura’s maximum energy each time she uses energy. The probability of energy restoration increases by 1% for every 1 energy consumed. By utilizing both sigil sets, Rahu Asura maintains a steady and potent damage output.

Recommended Sigils: Witch’s Judgment 1,2,3 and Jörmungandr 4,5,6.

Sigil Build 2: The Reliable Energy Source

Rahu Asura Sigil Build 2

This sigil build ensures that Asura always has a steady supply of energy. It reduces the reliance on triggering “Fate of the Serpent,” making it a reliable and consistent choice for Asura. The Alexander’s Conquest sigil is particularly beneficial as it increases the Maximum Energy by 30 and grants 1 Energy whenever an attack successfully lands. However, this effect can only activate once every second. This sigil is especially useful for characters like Rahu Asura, who rely on a significant amount of energy for their skills. It helps maintain a dependable energy source for skill activation.

Recommended Sigils: Jörmungandr and Alexander’s Conquest (Slot positioning is not required)

Rahu Asura Functor

Rahu Asura Functor

When selecting a functor for Rahu Asura, it is best to opt for the “Synchronic – Sagara” Signature Functor. This functor offers several advantages designed specifically for her playstyle. While the standard 5-star functor, “Synchronic – Vasuki,” is an option, “Synchronic – Sagara” outshines it for Asura due to the following reasons:

Enhanced Fire Warp: When Asura’s Flamefetter state ends, Fire Warp is no longer enhanced. However, with the “Synchronic – Sagara” functor, the next use of Fire Warp gets enhanced when Asura enters Flamefetter again or when the duration of the state is extended.

Activation in Flamefetter State: The skill can only be enhanced while in the Flamefetter state by holding down the Normal Attack button. This causes enemies within a small area to receive Fire Damage equal to 660% of Asura’s attack. Additionally, you gain 12 Energy, and enemies hit will have their Fire Resistance reduced by 2.4% for 8 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Damage Boost in Flamefetter State: When Asura is in the Flamefetter state, each time you land a hit with a normal attack, the damage dealt with the Fire Warp attack increases by 2.4%. However, this damage bonus is removed when the Flamefetter state ends. You can also check out functor guide: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

Recommended Functor: Synchronic – Sagara
Recommended F2P Functor: Synchronic – Chakaneeju

Understanding Rahu Asura’s Skills

Rahu Asura Guide - Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

To effectively utilize Rahu Asura as your primary carry character, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of her skills. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Normal Attack – Blazing Fist

Basic Attack: Asura’s basic attack launches a powerful barrage of strikes at the targeted enemy, dealing fire damage equal to 389% of their attack in total.

Fire Warp: By pressing and holding the normal attack button, Asura unleashes a straight-line attack called Fire Warp, which deals fire damage equal to 220% of her attack strength. When Asura is in the Flamefetter state, enemies hit by Fire Warp will have their fire resistance lowered by 15% for a duration of 4 seconds.

Enhanced Fire Warp: When Flamefetter state ends, the next level of Fire Warp becomes stronger. To use this skill, press and hold the normal attack button. Asura will perform a powerful punch that travels through space, causing fire damage. The damage will be equal to 440% of Asura’s attack strength. You can use Fire Warp without interrupting your normal attacks.

Energy: Asura gains 3 energy every second.

Skill 1: Fury of Asura

When Asura enters the Flamefetter state, her fire-based attacks become stronger, dealing 20% more damage for a duration of 4 seconds. Additionally, during her attacks, Rahu’s fists teleport to the position of the targeted enemy, inflicting fire damage totaling 240% of her regular attack damage.

Skill 2: Imprisoned Buddha

Asura creates a special barrier that captures enemies close by. This barrier is so powerful that it can even trap enemies who are normally immune to control effects. While trapped, the enemies cannot resist or protect themselves against control abilities for a duration of 3.5 seconds.

When the barrier eventually bursts, it releases a fiery explosion that affects all enemies within its range. This explosion inflicts fire damage on the enemies, specifically 120% of Asura’s attack power. The total damage dealt is calculated based on Asura’s attack strength.

Skill 3: Earth Shatter

Asura creates a crack in the ground beneath her targeted enemy, which pulls nearby enemies towards it. Then, a powerful punch called the Rahu Fist emerges from the crack, hitting enemies within range. This punch deals a total of fire damage that is equal to 300% of Asura’s attack power.

Ultimate Skill: Fire and Brimstone

Asura jumps up and smashes down on a specific spot, creating four fiery columns. These columns cause fire damage equal to 840% of Asura’s attack. When the enemies are hit, their resistance to fire is reduced by 30% for 10 seconds. Additionally, when Asura or one of her teammates activates Zero Time, they gain a 15% charge towards their ultimate skill. Zero Time can only happen once every 0.5 seconds.

Dodge Skill: Contingency Plan

Asura swiftly dodges the enemy’s attacks. The Extremity Dodge ability triggers the Zero Time effect, which significantly slows down all enemy movements for a duration of 3 seconds.

Rahu Asura Team Formation

You might want to reconsider pairing Rahu Asura with Surefire Zenkibo Tengu for the Ultimate Skillchain, as she is not be the most optimal character to invest your resources in. Instead, I would suggest building a solid fire team comprising of Airgetlam Nuadha and Ryugiri Kagutsuchi. Both of them excel as fire modifiers and can contribute greatly to your team’s performance. Alternatively, if you are seeking higher damage output, you can consider replacing Airgetlam Nuadha with Shinri Tsukuyomi.

Recommended Fire Team: Rahu Asura, Ryugiri Kagutsuchi and Airgetlam Nuadha.
Recommended DPS Team: Rahu Asura, Ryugiri Kagutsuchi and Shinri Tsukuyomi.

Rahu Asura Aether Codes

Rahu Asura Aether Codes

Choosing Yellow Codes Avidya is recommended because it reduces your reliance on triggering the “Fate of the Serpent” effect. Let me explain why it is better in a simpler way:

Avidya Jealous: With this ability, Asura gains 12 Energy each time she enters the Flamefetter State. This means that you’ll have a higher Energy reserve without having to rely solely on triggering the “Fate of the Serpent” effect.

Avidya Rahula: When Asura is in the Flamefetter State, every 3 normal attacks that successfully hit an enemy will grant her 4 Energy. This allows you to accumulate Energy more consistently during combat, again reducing the reliance on triggering the “Fate of the Serpent” effect.

Avidya Pain of the Fall: By using the Fire Warp skill, Asura will expend 50% of her current Energy. However, for each 1 Energy expended, the skill’s damage is increased by 2% for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 100 times, meaning you can potentially increase the skill’s damage by a significant amount.

Overall, choosing Yellow Codes Avidya provides multiple benefits that help to lower your reliance on triggering the “Fate of the Serpent” effect. Avidya Jealous and Avidya Rahula provide consistent Energy gain, while Avidya Pain of the Fall enhances the damage of the Fire Warp skill. These advantages make it a preferable choice for maximizing Asura’s effectiveness in combat.

Recommended Aether Codes: Yellow Line Codes Avidya

Final Verdict

Rahu Asura is a powerful and versatile character in Aether Gazer, capable of dealing high fire damage and controlling enemies with her unique skills. By utilizing the recommended sigil builds, functors, and Aether Codes, you can optimize her performance and unleash her full potential. Whether you prefer a steady damage dealer or an energy-efficient playstyle, Rahu Asura offers options for different playstyles and team compositions. Master her skills, assemble the right team, and set the battlefield ablaze with Rahu Asura’s fiery might!

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