Aether Gazer Guide and Tips for Beginners

Welcome to our beginner’s guide, in this article we’ll delve into the exciting world of Aether Gazer, where powerful modifiers and epic battles await. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to optimize your gameplay, this guide is here to help. We’ll cover essential tips and strategies, including upgrading your modifiers, completing Daily Missions for valuable resources, forming strategic teams, unleashing devastating ultimate skillchains, and much more. This ”Aether Gazer Guide and Tips for Beginners” will help you avoid common new players mistakes and help you progress much faster in the game.

Upgrade Modifiers

Aether Gazer Upgrade Modifiers

In Aether Gazer, the improvement of your modifiers plays a crucial role in your progression. Modifiers are the characters you obtain through the gacha system, and their rarity levels determine the quality of their skills and abilities. It is important to enhance your modifiers as their base statistics naturally increase, providing you with a significant advantage in battles. By allocating resources and effort towards their improvement, such as leveling up their abilities, upgrading their equipment, and unlocking additional skills, you can strengthen their overall performance. Strategic team formation and synergy among your modifiers’ skills and abilities should also be considered to create powerful combinations that capitalize on their strengths.

Ways to Upgrade Modifiers

Upgrade Levels: Increasing the levels of your modifiers in Aether Gazer is similar to the leveling up mechanics found in other role-playing games. You’ll need EXP Cards, which come in different rarities and grant varying amounts of experience points (EXP). Some cards instantly maximize a character’s level, while others increase it incrementally by 1 or 2 levels. Acquiring EXP Cards and utilizing them wisely is key to leveling up your modifiers and unlocking their full potential.

Limit Breaking: The Limit Breaking system is an important mechanic early on in Aether Gazer. Each modifier has a level cap determined by its breakthrough stage. To unlock more powerful potential and increase the level cap, players can perform limit breaks on their modifiers. This requires “Source Dust” as a resource, allowing for higher levels and improved base stats. Invest in limit breaking to push your modifiers beyond their limits and unleash their true power.

Upgrading Skills: Enhancing the power of your modifiers in Aether Gazer also involves upgrading their skills. This process requires “Magic Factor,” a currency that is more challenging to obtain. By using Magic Factor, you can level up the skills of your modifiers, making them even more formidable in battle. Carefully choose which skills to upgrade based on your playstyle and the abilities that synergize well with your team composition. Unleash devastating attacks and turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Upgrading Rank: Modifiers in the game have a base rank that can be upgraded to enhance their basic stats such as Attack, Defense, and Health Points. To increase the base rank, players need additional copies of the modifiers, which can be obtained through events or the summoning system. Collect duplicates of your favorite modifiers and use them to strengthen their overall capabilities. Upgrading the rank of your modifiers will make them formidable assets in your battles.

Importance of Daily Missions

As a new player in Aether Gazer, you might be surprised by the abundance of resources available to you. However, it’s important to note that resource acquisition can deplete quickly, and the rate of gaining resources decreases after reaching a certain point. But don’t worry! The Daily Missions are here to stay as long as the game exists.

Aether Gazer Daily Missions

The Daily Missions are straightforward and effortless tasks that require little to no effort to complete. By completing these missions, you can earn a handful of resources. These missions are designed to be easily achievable on a daily basis, providing you with a consistent source of resources to support your progress in the game. So, even if the overall resource acquisition becomes more challenging as you advance, you can rely on the Daily Missions to continue earning resources without much hassle. Keep an eye on these missions and make sure to complete them regularly to maintain a steady supply of valuable resources for your gameplay needs.

Team Formation in Aether Gazer

Team Formation is a menu that lets you choose modifiers for your team before a battle starts. It’s not a separate system, but just a part of the user interface. In this menu, you can arrange the positions of your team members. Every team needs a leader, who gives extra benefits to the whole team. The modifier in the middle position automatically becomes the team’s leader.

Team Formation in Aether Gazer

During the battle, you can only control the leader modifier directly. The other team members are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) and fight automatically. So it’s a good idea to pick a modifier with high Combat Power (CP) and someone you know well from previous gameplay. Remember, this menu appears before the battle begins, and you can select the modifiers you want to use for your team. You don’t have control over individual team members during the battle itself.

Combat System

Aether Gazer Combat System

The combat system in Aether Gazer is really enjoyable and similar to action-based RPGs. If you’re new to the system, here are some important things to remember:

  • Control: You can only directly control your leader character during battles. The other characters in your team will fight automatically.
  • Targeting: To focus on a specific enemy, tap the aim button located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. This helps you direct your attacks towards a particular enemy.
  • Basic Attacks: You can perform basic attacks by tapping the big weapon icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Tap it continuously to unleash a series of basic attacks on your target.
  • Dodging: When enemies are trying to attack you, you can perform a Dodge to evade their attacks. Press the Running icon located near the Basic attack button. Dodging is useful when you’re in a tight spot or being attacked repeatedly.
  • Modifier Abilities: Each character in your team has unique abilities provided by the modifiers. You can use these abilities by pressing the corresponding icons located in a circular menu around the basic attack button. Keep in mind that each ability has its own cooldown and range. You can hold and toggle the ability to see its range before using it.

Remember, the combat system in Aether Gazer gives you control over your leader character, while the other characters fight automatically. Use targeting, basic attacks, dodging, and modifier abilities strategically to overcome your enemies.

Upgrade Weapons

Aether Gazer Weapon

Upgrading your weapons is essential in Aether Gazer as they provide the main source of stats for your character during battles. It is highly recommended to regularly check if your weapon can be further upgraded, especially if you’re facing difficulty in a particular stage. Use the cube currency found in different areas of the game to upgrade your weapons and improve your character’s performance. By keeping your weapons upgraded, you can ensure that your character has the necessary stats to overcome challenges and succeed in battles within Aether Gazer.

Power of Sigil

Sigils in Aether Gazer can be likened to equipment or runes found in other games. They serve as enhancements for your characters, providing bonus statistics and improved abilities. Just like equipment or runes, you can equip Sigils to your characters to boost their overall performance. To maximize the benefits of Sigils, it’s recommended to equip three Sigils of the same type. When you have a complete set of three Sigils, you unlock additional effects specific to that Sigil set. These effects can vary depending on the particular set of Sigils you choose.

Aether Gazer Sigil

By strategically equipping Sigils and assembling sets, you can further enhance your characters’ capabilities and customize their playstyle. Experiment with different combinations of Sigils and sets to find the ones that best complement your characters’ strengths and desired playstyle. Remember to keep an eye on the various Sigils available in the game and select the ones that synergize well with your characters’ abilities and overall strategy. Sigils provide an additional layer of depth and customization to your gameplay experience in Aether Gazer.

Gen-zones or Team Synergy

Team synergy in Aether Gazer is further enhanced by Gen-zones. When two characters share the same Gen-zone, you can activate Gen-zone effects, which provide a modified mode bonus. Additionally, having three characters with the same typing triggers a combat bonus buff.

Aether gazer gen-zones

To take advantage of these benefits, it’s recommended to experiment with teams consisting of characters that share the same Gen-zone. By doing so, you can enjoy an additional boost to your offensive power and improve your overall performance in battles. The icon displayed next to each unit indicates their Gen-zone, helping you identify which characters belong to the same typing. Consider creating teams that align with the same Gen-zone to maximize your team synergy and unlock the Gen-zone effects and combat bonus buffs. This strategic approach can greatly enhance your offensive capabilities and increase your chances of victory in Aether Gazer.

Ultimate Skillchains

During battles in Aether Gazer, you can unleash devastating ultimate skillchains by chaining together the skills of different modifiers. To execute an ultimate skillchain, you need to meet certain requirements. Typically, this involves using specific skills in a specific order or timing. Timing and coordination are crucial for executing skillchains effectively, as they can deal massive damage and turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Aether Gazer Guide and Tips for Beginners

Experiment with different combinations of skills and modifiers to discover unique ultimate skillchains that suit your playstyle. Mastering the art of skillchains can significantly enhance your combat prowess and help you overcome even the toughest challenges in Aether Gazer.

Computational Powers of M.E.O.W.

M.E.O.W. (Modular Entity for Offensive Warfare) is an AI assistant available in Aether Gazer, designed to assist players in battles. M.E.O.W. provides computational powers and real-time analysis of the battlefield, assisting you in making tactical decisions during combat.

Aether gazer m.e.o.w.

By issuing commands and using control chips, you can utilize M.E.O.W.’s capabilities to support your team in various ways. M.E.O.W. can heal your team, provide offensive buffs, or even unleash powerful attacks. Experiment with different control chips to discover the best ways to utilize M.E.O.W.’s assistance based on your team composition and battle circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You now have a solid understanding of the key aspects of Aether Gazer. By upgrading your modifiers, completing daily missions, forming a strong team, mastering the combat system, and utilizing various game mechanics such as weapon upgrades, Sigils, Gen-zones, ultimate skillchains, and M.E.O.W.’s assistance, you are well-equipped to embark on your epic adventure in Aether Gazer.

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