Flowfly Mist Shu Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Flowfly Mist Shu Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Shu. We’ll focus on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Shu is a thunder-type modifier that offers Thunder and Wind Resistance Shred, along with critical support buffs. Shu’s advantages lie in high mobility, she also has noticeable disadvantages, such as being difficult to control and requiring a high level of proficiency.

Flowfly Mist Shu Sigil Sets

There are 3 different Sigil builds for Flowfly Mist Shu:

Main Carry Build

Flowfly Mist Shu Sigil Sets

Feather of the Pacifier Build

Flowfly Mist Shu Sigil Build

Support Build

Flowfly Mist Shu Sigil Sets

Flowfly Mist Shu Team Formation

Flowfly Mist Shu Team Formation

Note: Shu is more focused on solo content, recommending solo play with no teammates.

Flowfly Mist Shu Functor

Now let’s explore functor options for Shu, considering both F2P and P2P options:

Flowfly Mist Shu Functor
  • Pharaoh – Menkaure
  • Pharaoh – Thutmose

Flowfly Mist Shu Aether Codes

Aether Codes play a vital role in further enhancing Shu abilities. There are two builds for her, each optimized for different scenarios:

Flowfly Mist Shu Aether Codes
  • 3 Blue Aether Codes
  • 3 Red Aether Codes

Enchant Priority

  • Fierce Assault
  • Berserk/Enraged
  • Thunder Blessing
  • Tactics Enhance/Loopback
  • Waves of Rage/Burning Will
  • Gladiator/Wind Blessing/Big Hitter

Warp Enhancements

  • Enhanced Factor (Increase DMG)
  • Evolutionary Particle I + Psychokinetic I (Skill 1 Level + Base DMG)
  • Mutant Effect Field/Blood Domination (Increase DMG propotinal to remaining HP/to HP lost)
  • Summoning Field I (Increase DMG when any Tier 3 Aether Code is active)
  • Kinetic Modified (Increase DMG dealt in Modified Mode)
  • Rage Mastery (Gain Rage when start)

Understanding Shu’s Skills

To make the most of Shu’s abilities, understanding the mechanics of her skills is crucial.

Flowfly Mist Shu Guide

Attack Mode

  • Her skills have a follow up attack (Skill 2 and 3 will light up after being used to do another attack)
  • She gains blue marks when she does her follow up attacks
  • if you have her functor you can quickly change modes with S1 twice after a follow up attack to get another one

Defense Mode

  • Her skills have no follow up but trigger a counter attack if you are hit while doing skill animation (dash cancel with her lowers her already garbo dps)
  • A successful counter attack does not deal damage to shu from the enemies and gives you a green mark
  • same as in attack mode, if you have her functor quickly swapping modes twice with skill 1 while doing a counter attack can trigger a second counter attack

Bonus Tips

  • Blue screen edges: attack mode
  • Green screen edges: defense mode
  • You can swap between modes freely ONLY during skill 2 or 3 animation IF you have rage, it uses 7 rage to swap
  • Counter attack deals more damage than follow up attacks
  • There is a flaw to her kit as stated before, in modified mode against bosses you will use attack mode cutting your dps and against many mobs, they won’t only target her and even if they did doing counter against enemies all around you is omega hard.
  • Her whole play-style is about timing your skills and swap modes to effectively chain one skill to 2 counters and 2 follow up attacks effectively (this is with functor only, no functor only lets you do 1 counter and 1 follow up)
  • Marks gained through follow-up attacks and counter attacks can be spend to use an enchanted Skill 1
  • We recommend her Signature Functor for players who want her to be the main carry in the team. If she does not have her Signature Functor, she will not have a follow up attack or counterattack, and it will completely change her playstyle.
  • Easy playstyle: Give up using counterattacks and actively attack enemies. Skill rotation: 22112 or 33113. Save up for 6 marks and use the enhanced Skill 1 to deal massive damage.
  • Advanced playstyle: Players need to consider which stance to use, regardless of the current stance. During Skill 2 or 3, players can use Skill 1 to switch stances and trigger counterattacks or follow-up attacks. Furthermore, players can use Skill 1 2nd time to trigger another follow-up attack or counterattack. This means you can interchangeably use the following sequences of follow-up attacks and counterattacks to quickly accumulate 6 marks: 1st follow-up attack with 2nd follow-up attack, 1st follow-up attack with a counterattack, or 1st counterattack with 2nd counterattack. After gaining 6 marks, use Skill 1 to deal massive damage at the end, completing the full skill combo.

Source: https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv24504753

Thanks to Jeshel (discord username) for providing these useful Bonus Tips

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