AblaZe Tyr Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the AblaZe Tyr Guide! In this comprehensive guide for Aether Gazer, we will explore effective strategies for playing as AblaZe Tyr. AblaZe Tyr is a formidable character in Aether Gazer, known for his devastating light-based attacks and powerful greatsword skills. Our focus will be on team composition, sigil sets, functors, skill combos, and aether codes.

AblaZe Tyr Sigil Sets

AblaZe Tyr Sigil Sets

When it comes to sigil sets, the combination of the Obelisk of Light and Cupbearer of the Gods stands out as the optimal choice for Tyr. Here’s why:

Obelisk of Light:

  • This sigil enhances Tyr’s Light Damage by 10%, making his light-based attacks more potent.
  • When Tyr successfully lands an attack, it reduces the Light resistance of nearby enemies by 5%, making them more vulnerable to light-based attacks.
  • It also lowers the attack power of nearby enemies by 5%, which helps Tyr survive longer in battles by reducing the damage he takes from enemies.
  • Additionally, it inflicts the “Weak” status on surrounding enemies, further increasing the damage they receive.

Cupbearer of the Gods:

  • This sigil provides a chance to regain Traces for Tyr. Traces are crucial for Tyr’s skills and abilities, so having a chance to regain them during combat is highly beneficial.
  • It increases Tyr’s Attack (ATK) by 18% for 10 seconds whenever traces are consumed. This boost in attack power enhances the damage Tyr deals during the 10-second duration.
  • The effect of regaining Traces and the ATK boost can be triggered once every 12 seconds. The probability of triggering the effect is increased by 15% for every skill or Ultimate Skill cast.
  • Since Tyr has multiple skills that consume Traces (Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3, and Ultimate Skill), he has a higher chance of triggering the effect of Cupbearer of the Gods frequently, resulting in more frequent ATK boosts and Trace regeneration.

Recommended Sigil Sets: Obelisk of Light 1,3,5 and Cupbearer of the Gods 2,4,6.

AblaZe Tyr Team Formation

Building a team that complements Tyr’s unique abilities is crucial to fully unleash his capabilities. Here are some suggested teams that harmonize effectively with Tyr:

Traces Team:

AblaZe Tyr Team Formation

CC Team:

AblaZe Tyr Team Build

Light Team:

AblaZe Tyr Team Formation

AblaZe Tyr Functor

AblaZe Tyr Functor

Choosing the right functor is essential to complement Tyr’s playstyle. The Elf – Arweil signature functor proves to be a better choice for Tyr compared to the Elf – Galadriel functor. Here’s why:

  • The normal attack Royal Raid is replaced by Royal Blitz. This replacement likely introduces a more powerful and potentially faster attack animation, improving Tyr’s overall damage output.
  • When Tyr wields the greatsword type Sword of Queen, the damage is increased by 32%. This bonus damage further boosts the power of his attacks when using that particular greatsword type.

Considering Tyr’s role as a damage-dealing character with a focus on light-based attacks and powerful greatsword skills, the Elf – Arweil signature functor is a better choice. The increased damage and potential improvement in attack pattern when using Sword of Queen align with his strengths as a strong offensive unit. On the other hand, Elf – Galadriel may leave Tyr too vulnerable to damage, which could hinder his performance in battles.

Recommended Functor: Elf – Arweil
Recommended Functor F2P: Elf – Merfil

AblaZe Tyr Aether Codes

AblaZe Tyr Aether Codes

Aether Codes are essential for enhancing Tyr’s abilities further. There are two builds for AblaZe Tyr:

Recommended Aether Codes: 3 Red Aether Codes
Recommended Aether Codes (Light Team): 2 Yellow, 1 Blue.

Understanding AblaZe Tyr’s Skills

AblaZe Tyr Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

To make the most of AblaZe Tyr’s abilities, understanding the mechanics of his skills is crucial. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Normal Attack: Royal Raid

How it works: Tyr’s normal attack, Royal Raid, involves him using his greatsword to strike the enemy with a powerful blow, dealing light damage equal to 240% of his attack power. Additionally, when he enters the battlefield, Tyr starts with the maximum number of Traces, which are essential for activating his other abilities and skills throughout the battle.

Skill 1: Posthumous Promotion

How it works: When activated, Skill 1 allows Tyr to switch to another greatsword type and deal light damage equal to 240% of his attack to enemies around him. There are two ways to use this skill:

  • Direct Cast: You can tap the skill button, and Tyr will use the skill right away. When he does this, he gains 2 Traces.
  • Cast During Normal Attack: If you want, you can use the skill while Tyr is doing his regular attacks with the greatsword. It won’t interrupt his normal attack, but it also won’t deal damage. However, when you do this, the skill’s cooldown time (the time you have to wait before using the skill again) is reduced by 2.5 seconds. When you use the skill this way, Tyr gains 1 Trace.

Greatswords Order: When Tyr switches to another greatsword type, he does it in a specific order: Sword of Knight, then Sword of Rook, and finally Sword of Queen.

Skill 2: Gambit

How it works: Tyr swings his big sword at the target, dealing light damage equal to 400% of his attack. The skill also gives the King Mark corresponding to the type of greatsword used and summons the King to fight alongside for 30 seconds. While the King is on the field, tap again to spend 1 Trace and launch a special attack based on the greatsword type:

  • Sword of Knight: The greatsword falls again, dealing light damage equal to 800% of Tyr’s attack power.
  • Sword of Rook: Tyr teleports to the greatsword’s location and attacks the target, dealing light damage equal to 800% of his attack power.
  • Sword of Queen: Tyr throws the greatsword at the target, dealing light damage equal to 800% of his attack power.

Skill 3: Pincer Attack

How it works: When he activates this skill, he wields his greatsword and launches a powerful forward attack. The attack deals light damage to the enemy, and the amount of damage is equal to 160% of his attack power in total.

But here’s where it gets interesting: The skill’s power is influenced by the number of King Marks Tyr has accumulated from using his second skill, Gambit. Remember, Gambit gives Tyr a King Mark each time he uses it.

Here’s how the damage scales based on the number of King Marks Tyr has:

  • 1 King Mark: If Tyr has 1 King Mark when he uses Pincer Attack, the damage dealt will be equal to 960% of his attack power in total.
  • 2 King Marks: If Tyr has 2 King Marks, the damage will be even higher, equal to 1440% of his attack power in total.
  • 3 King Marks: When Tyr has the maximum of 3 King Marks, the damage dealt by Pincer Attack will be at its strongest, equal to 1920% of his attack power in total.

Additionally, when Tyr activates Pincer Attack, he inflicts a status effect called “Shackle” on the enemy for 1.5 seconds. However, the Shackle effect is removed as soon as the attack hits the target.

Ultimate Skill: Endgame

How it works: When he activates this powerful move, he summons multiple greatswords to attack the enemy. The attack deals a significant amount of light damage, equal to 960% of his attack power in total.

But that’s not all – Endgame has a special team benefit. When Tyr uses his ultimate skill, it increases the ultimate skill damage of all the members of his team by 16%. This bonus effect can stack up to 5 times. In other words, every time Tyr or any other team member uses their ultimate skill after Endgame, the team’s ultimate skill damage gets an additional 16% boost, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.

Additionally, there’s a way for Tyr to charge his ultimate skill faster. When his “Modifying Level” reaches Ω (Omega), he is granted a 10% ultimate skill charge. This means he can use Endgame more frequently and unleash its devastating power on the enemies.

Dodge Skill: Castling

How it works: When he uses this skill, he can swiftly dodge the enemy’s attacks, allowing him to avoid taking damage. If Tyr performs an “Extremity Dodge,” which is a particularly skillful dodge, it triggers a special effect called the “Dodge Effect.”

Dodge Effect: Tyr is granted 1 Trace.


AblaZe Tyr Guide offers invaluable insights to unleash the full potential of this formidable character in Aether Gazer. By strategically crafting teams, utilizing recommended sigils like Obelisk of Light and Cupbearer of the Gods, and choosing Elf – Arweil functor, players can amplify Tyr’s light-based attacks and greatsword skills. With precise skill combos, including Pincer Attack’s King Marks and Endgame’s team boost, AblaZe Tyr becomes a dominant force on the battlefield. By equipping suitable Aether Codes, such as 3 Red or 2 Yellow and 1 Blue for Light Team builds, players can further optimize Tyr’s abilities and achieve exceptional performance in battles.

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