Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Guide! In this comprehensive guide for Aether Gazer, we will explore effective strategies for playing as Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi. Our focus will be on team composition, sigils, functors, skill combos, and aether codes. Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi is a formidable character in Aether Gazer, with her remarkable capacity to unleash Thunder, Physical, Wind, and Fire damage, she proves to be a versatile unit suitable for all types of in-game content. By gaining insights into optimal team setups, selecting appropriate sigils, harnessing the potential of unique functors, mastering her skills, and choosing well-suited aether codes, you can unlock the true power of Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi.

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Sigils

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Sigils

Witch’s Judgment is a particularly good Sigil for Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi because it enhances her damage specifically against enemies who have less than 40% of their HP remaining. This means that when Jin-ei attacks enemies with low health, her damage output will receive a significant boost of 35%. This is especially useful when facing tougher opponents or when trying to finish off weakened enemies. It allows Jin-ei to capitalize on her high damage potential and potentially secure quick eliminations.

Griffins’ Pride is also a valuable Sigil for Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi as it increases her Critical Rate. For every Modifying Level she attains in combat, her Critical Rate is boosted by 3%. This effect can stack up to a maximum of 15% in total. Critical hits are essential for dealing massive bursts of damage, and with Griffins’ Pride, Jin-ei has the potential to increase her Critical Rate significantly. This Sigil enhances her overall damage output and makes her attacks even more devastating, allowing her to excel as a damage dealer.

Recommended Sigils: Witch’s Judgment 1,2,3 and Griffins’ Pride 4,5,6.

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Functor

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Functor

When selecting a functor for Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi, the top recommendation is the Shikigami – Tamamo-no-Mae Signature Functor. This functor is specifically tailored to enhance their abilities and provides several notable advantages. While the standard 5-star functor, Shikigami – Aosaginohi is also a viable option, the Shikigami – Tamamo-no-Mae functor surpasses it for Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi.

When you equip the Signature Functor, Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi unleashes the devastating Heaven’s Hold attack, launching a barrage of Shurikens at the enemy. This attack inflicts physical damage equivalent to 375% of their attack power. Furthermore, activating Earth’s Hold with this functor triggers an area damage effect, causing a total of 375% physical damage to nearby enemies. Notably, Ninjutsu strikes executed with the Signature Functor deal an additional 24% damage, making them even more potent in battle. Also, check out functor guide: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

Recommended Functor: Shikigami – Tamamo-no-Mae
Recommended F2P Functor: Shikigami – Raiju

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Team Formation

Kuninotokotachi’s versatility shines through in teams of various elements such as physical, wind, fire, or thunder. Here, we will recommend three teams that you should build for Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi. Additionally, feel free to check out our Aether Gazer Team Building Guide for information on team formations for other characters.

Fire Team:

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Wind Team:

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Wind Team

Thunder Team:

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Thunder Team

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Aether Codes

To unleash the full potential of Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi’s destructive power, it is advised to equip the yellow aether codes: Everlasting, Seal of Earth, and Seal of Heaven. These three codes synergize harmoniously with her abilities, significantly enhancing her damage-dealing capabilities:

Everlasting: When Mudra is lost, the duration of the effects from the Aether Codes Seal of Heaven and Seal of Earth is extended by 3 seconds, and the strength of the code effects is increased by 100%.

Seal of Earth: For each Heaven’s Hold Kuninotokotachi has, her attack is boosted by 25%. However, this effect is instantly removed as soon as Mudra is lost.

Seal of Heaven: For each Earth’s Hold Kuninotokotachi has, her crit damage is increased by 50%. However, this effect is instantly removed as soon as Mudra is lost.

Recommended Aether Codes: Yellow Line Codes

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Skills Combo

Here’s how you can perform combos to unleash different types of elemental damage:

Physical skills combo: S1>S1>S3
Thunder skills combo: S1>S2>S3
Wind skills combo: S2>S1>S3
Fire skills combo: S2>S2>S3

Bonus Tips

  • During battles, you’ll notice a special symbol called Mudra displayed above the HP gauge. Mudra can appear in two colors: blue, representing Heaven’s Hold Mudra, and yellow, representing Earth’s Hold Mudra. Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi possesses the ability to stack up to 2 Mudra at a time.
  • When you use Skill 3 (Ninjutsu), the Mudra will be cleared if the Divine Grace is not at 100.
  • If the Divine Grace is at 100, using Skill 3 will not clear the Mudra unless you end up using Skill 3 twice.
  • When Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi casts her ultimate skill while Divine Grace is close to, or at, 100, you can follow up with one or two combination attacks that match the element of that ultimate. This allows you to take advantage of the elemental resistance shred before it wears off.
  • You can combine Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi and Buzenbo to include physical/fire/wind/thunder characters as the last option. This is because her ultimate skill will now shred all defenses simultaneously and also cause Zero Time due to Buzenbo. The combo is insane and serves as my go-to 2-man squad wherever I go, with the last spot usually occupied by Shinri Tsukuyomi – who also buffs lightning damage regardless of the combo teammate. The only downside is that you don’t really have a defensive support here, so any damage you take is permanent without external assistance. However, if Shinri Tsukuyomi is your 3rd character, everyone triggers Zero Time with dodges, and you have an extra one from casting ults, which you’ll get very often in longer fights, especially if you use the sigil set that provides faster ultimate charge and more ultimate on Buzenbo.
  • For ultimate spam, replace the Griffin set with the Nibelungenlied set (4, 5, 6), and only use the standard 5-star functor. I have done some calculations, and the results show that the standard 5-star functor is superior when building for ultimate spam. This is due to a higher crit damage ceiling, a higher damage multiplier from the ultimate skill itself, the sigil set (Nibelungenlied), and the enchant effect. The enchant effect for ultimate damage is capped at +40%, while skill damage is capped at +20%. When the ultimate damage enchant effect is maximized and combined with the Nibelungenlied set effect, it results in a total +70% ultimate damage multiplier.

Bonus Tips credits goes to: u/Levi-san, u/iPhantaminum, u/sambanglihum


Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Guide provides valuable insights for maximizing the potential of this versatile character in Aether Gazer. By carefully considering team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes, players can unlock Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi’s true power. The recommended sigils, such as Witch’s Judgment and Griffins’ Pride, enhance her damage output and critical rate, while the Shikigami – Tamamo-no-Mae Signature Functor empowers her with devastating attacks. With optimal team formations and equipped yellow aether codes like Everlasting, Seal of Earth, and Seal of Heaven, players can fully harness Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi’s capabilities and excel in the game.

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