Aether Gazer – 8 Mistakes To Avoid in Early Game

Aether Gazer is an awesome gacha game that brings a unique twist to farming mechanics. But let’s be real, the early stages can be a bit tough if you’re not aware of some common mistakes that can slow down your progress. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 8 mistakes to avoid in Aether Gazer. Trust me, following these tips will help you level up faster and get more rewards along the way. So, let’s jump right in and learn how to dodge these pitfalls so you won’t get stuck in the game.

1. Resource Farming: Focus on Highest Level Stages

Aether Gazer Farming

Aether Gazer introduces an optimized farming system that distinguishes it from other gacha games. While some games require players to farm lower-level stages for specific drops, Aether Gazer takes a different approach. It’s best to prioritize the highest-level stages available as they provide all item drops, including low-level items. By focusing on the highest level stage, you can efficiently obtain the necessary materials for upgrading your characters. This optimized farming approach ensures you make the most of your stamina and resources, resulting in faster progression and growth.

2. Avoid Pre-Farming Upgrade Materials

Aether Gazer upgrade materials

While pre-farming for limit breaks or access keys materials may seem tempting, it’s generally not recommended in Aether Gazer. The reason is that specific materials required for these upgrades become available only at specific admin levels. By pre-farming, you risk wasting stamina that could be better utilized for other purposes. It’s best to wait until you reach the appropriate admin level breakpoint to start farming for the next upgrade.

3. Avoid Farming Sigil in Early Game

Aether Gazer sigil farming

The Sigil System in Aether Gazer is similar to the gear/rune systems in other gacha games. It involves equipping gear called Sigils onto your characters to provide extra stats and passive bonuses. One common mistake to avoid is farming Sigils before reaching Admin Level 45. Here’s why: 3-star Sigils can be leveled up to 20, which is sufficient to clear all content up to Admin Level 45. Instead of heavily investing in 3-star Sigils, focus on obtaining recommended Sigils for your characters.

You will probably acquire these Sigils from the Main Story as you progress through the game. To find the recommended Sigils, check the character’s details and equip them in any order, then level them to 10. This approach will suffice until Admin Level 45 when you can farm 5-star Sigils with higher drop rate. You can check this Sigil guide to learn more about Sigils: Aether Gazer Sigil Guide

4. Avoid Investing in Regular Banner

Aether Gazer regular banner

Aether Gazer rewards new players with 40x free “Modifier Scan Vouchers” that can be used in the regular banner to obtain Rahu Asura. However, it’s crucial to avoid using your precious Shifted Star, the main in-game currency, on the regular banner. Instead, save your Shifted Star for the Premium Scan, aiming to acquire the powerful character Shinri Tsukuyomi. If you get lucky, try to obtain Shinri Tsukuyomi’s signature functor as well, as it significantly enhances her ability to deal a great amount of damage. By allocating your resources wisely, you’ll have a better chance of building a formidable team.

5. Avoid Investing in Function Scan

Aether Gazer functor banner

While it may be tempting to invest your precious Shifted Stars in the Function Scan, it’s generally best to avoid doing so. If you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire Shinri Tsukuyomi and have a surplus of Shifted Stars, consider obtaining her signature functor. However, trying to obtain signature functors for all your characters is not recommended. Instead, focus on obtaining it for your main leader character, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to acquire Shinri Tsukuyomi. Remember, RNG can be brutal at times, so plan your investments wisely to maximize their impact. You can also check this guide to learn more about functors: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

6. Don’t Skip Daily Missions

Aether Gazer daily quests

At first glance, daily missions may seem unimportant as they only offer 40 Shifted Stars. However, as you progress in the game, Shifted Stars become harder to obtain. Therefore, it’s essential not to skip daily missions and to value every Shifted Star you earn. Additionally, remember to complete the weekly missions before the end of the week, as they provide valuable resources, including 1000 Shifted Stars. By consistently completing daily and weekly missions, you’ll ensure a steady stream of resources for faster progression in the game.

7. Don’t Skip Challenge Modes

mistakes to avoid in aether gazer

Challenge modes, such as Recurring Dream, Hazard Zone, and Dimensional Variable, play a significant role in obtaining resources in Aether Gazer. These rotating challenge modes provide valuable rewards, particularly in the early stages of the game. For example, Recurring Dream grants Morpheum Crystals and Morpheum Fragments, which can be used to buy sigil modules, character intel, and the 5-star character Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi. Regularly completing these challenge modes ensures a steady influx of resources so you can progress smoother in game. While prioritizing story progression, make sure to complete these challenge modes whenever they reset to maximize your rewards.

8. Importance of Story Progression

aether gazer main story

Completing story missions in Aether Gazer offers a myriad of rewards, including modifier experience, coins, and sigil experience. Saving up sigil experience will prove beneficial when you start farming for 5-star Sigils later on. Additionally, completing story missions grants free sigils, although these may not be the ones you’ll ultimately use. It’s important to prioritize clearing the story missions to collect rewards, acquire modifier experience, currency, and sigil experience. The Main Story should be your number one priority in the game, allowing you to unlock more content and reap significant benefits.


By avoiding these 8 mistakes in the early game of Aether Gazer, you’ll be able to progress more efficiently, maximize your resources, and build a formidable team. Remember to prioritize story progression, focus on obtaining recommended Sigils for your characters, and optimize your resource farming by prioritizing the highest-level stages. Additionally, make sure to complete challenge modes regularly for valuable rewards and wisely manage your Shifted Stars by avoiding unnecessary investments. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to progress faster in Aether Gazer while avoiding common mistakes made by new players.

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