Lyfe Wild Hunt Guide

Welcome to the Lyfe Wild Hunt Guide! Lyfe Wild Hunt stands out as one of the best Frost DMG-dealing characters in the game, and she excels at using a submachine gun. In this guide for the Snowbreak: Containment Zone, we will delve into effective strategies for playing as Lyfe Wild Hunt. Our main focus will be on team compositions, weapon choices, logistics, skills, and neuronics. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter looking to optimize your Lyfe Wild Hunt gameplay or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the Snowbreak: Containment Zone. So, let’s jump right in and unlock the full potential of Lyfe Wild Hunt!

Lyfe Wild Hunt Weapon

Let’s look into which weapons are good for Lyfe; we will cover F2P as well as P2P options:

Stardust Memory

The weapon “Stardust Memory” is considered the best choice for Lyfe Wild Hunt due to its exceptional synergy with her skills and playstyle, enhancing her effectiveness in combat in several key ways:

Lyfe Wild Hunt Weapon

Increased Frost Damage: The weapon provides a significant boost to Frost Damage, increasing it by 18% (which can go up to 30% at Tier 2). Since Lyfe’s primary source of damage is Frost Damage, this stat increase directly enhances her damage output.

Icing Star Stacks: This weapon introduces a unique mechanic with Icing Star stacks. After using Lyfe’s Standard Skill, she gains 6 stacks of Icing Star. Additionally, each time the Standard Skill deals damage, she gains 1 stack of Icing Star with a short cooldown of 0.2 seconds. These stacks can accumulate up to a maximum of 12.

Max Stack Potential: With the ability to stack up to 12 Icing Stars, Lyfe can potentially achieve a significant damage increase for her Standard Skill. This allows her to capitalize on burst moments during battles, making her a formidable force against tougher opponents.

Synergy with Lyfe’s Skills: Since Lyfe’s skills are primarily Frost-based, the additional Frost Damage and damage boost from Icing Star stacks align perfectly with her playstyle. The increased damage output from the weapon synergizes well with her skill set.

  • Stardust Memory
  • Ionized Jellyfish
  • Hypochlorous Acid
  • Safety Line

Lyfe Wild Hunt Logistics

The “Thebes Squad” logistics set is an excellent choice for Lyfe Wild Hunt for several reasons:

Lyfe Wild Hunt Logistics

Increased Active Skill Damage: Lyfe’s primary source of damage comes from her Active Skills, including her Standard Skill, Support Skill, and Ultimate Skill. The “Thebes Squad” set provides a substantial 24% increase in Active skill damage. This boost directly enhances the damage output of her core skills.

ATK Stacking Mechanism:: The set offers an interesting mechanic where each time Lyfe’s Standard Skill, Support Skill, or Ultimate Skill hits a target, she gains a stack of ATK increase. This ATK increase amounts to 2% per stack and lasts for 5 seconds. With a maximum of 20 stacks, this can lead to a potential ATK increase of up to 40%.

Synergy with Lyfe’s Skill Rotation: Lyfe’s gameplay revolves around using her skills effectively to deal Frost Damage. With this logistics set, her skills become even more potent as she gains additional ATK with each skill hit. This synergizes perfectly with her skill rotation, allowing her to continuously increase her damage output as she uses her skills.

Versatility: The set’s bonuses apply to all of Lyfe’s skills, including her Standard Skill, Support Skill, and Ultimate Skill. This versatility ensures that no matter which skill she uses, she benefits from the increased damage and ATK stacking, making it a well-rounded choice for her.

Lyfe Wild Hunt Build or Manifestation

Farming Lyfe’s pieces in the Personal File mode daily to upgrade her Manifestation to M1, “Gored,” is important for several reasons:

Lyfe Wild Hunt Build

Enhanced Skill Effect: Manifestations in many games typically grant significant enhancements to a character’s skills or abilities. In Lyfe’s case, the “Gored” Manifestation improves her ability to accumulate Breath of Snow, making her more effective in combat.

Breath of Snow Accumulation: The “Gored” Manifestation adds a unique mechanic that encourages using frost weapons. With this upgrade, Lyfe accumulates Breath of Snow when her shots hit enemies. This mechanic synergizes well with her other skills that rely on Breath of Snow consumption. The more Breath of Snow she accumulates, the more frequently she can use her skills, resulting in higher damage output and more crowd control potential.

Weakspot Interaction: The “Gored” Manifestation further rewards precision and skillful play. When Lyfe hits the weak spots of enemies, she accumulates even more Breath of Snow per hit. This promotes accurate aiming and targeting, making her more effective in dealing with tougher opponents or bosses.

Lyfe Wild Hunt Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Lyfe’s potential. Here are the recommended team formations:

Lyfe Wild Hunt Team


  • Lyfe Wild Hunt
  • Mauxir Meow
  • Yao Quiet Quitter

Team 2

  • Lyfe Wild Hunt
  • Mauxir Meow
  • Siris The Goldfish

Important Tips

  • It’s recommended to use Mauxir Meow on your team with Frigatebird weapon. This is because when Mauxir uses her support skill, the deployed operative will gain a bonus ATK equal to 13.2% (22% at Tier 5) of the user’s ATK for 15 seconds.
  • Consider using Twilight Squad Logistic sets on Mauxir Meow. This set decreases enemies’ resistance to Frost DMG by 16%, allowing Lyfe to deal even more damage.
  • It’s recommended to use the Moira Squad or Xinye Squad logistics set on Yao Quiet Quitter. If you need more healing, then go with the Moira Squad. However, if you need Lyfe to use her ultimate more often to deal more damage, then go with the Xinye Squad.

Lyfe Wild Hunt Neuronics

Lyfe Wild Hunt Neuronics

Neuronics play a pivotal role in enhancing Lyfe’s standard, support, and ultimate skills. To optimize her combat capabilities, prioritize the following upgrade order:

  • Frost Wolves – Cluster 1
  • Frost Wolves – Cluster 2
  • Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt – Cluster 1
  • Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt – Cluster 2
  • Wolf’s Fang – Cluster 1
  • Wolf’s Fang – Cluster 2

Final Thoughts

Mastering Lyfe Wild Hunt’s potential in Snowbreak: Containment Zone is all about understanding her style. The “Stardust Memory” submachine gun fits her frosty skills perfectly, boosting her power. With the Thebes Squad logistics set, she deals devastating damage. Upgrading her Manifestation to “Gored” enhances her icy abilities even more. Team up with allies like Mauxir Meow and Yao Quiet Quitter for a strong lineup. By upgrading neuronics wisely, Lyfe becomes the ultimate submachine gun expert. In battles, her frosty shots become a symbol of victory. In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, Lyfe Wild Hunt’s potential is truly unstoppable.

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