Phantasmal Dawn Hera Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Phantasmal Dawn Hera Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Phantasmal Dawn Hera. We’ll focus on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Hera stands out as one of the best support characters in the game. With her, the damage output of all characters can be elevated to another level. She offers a damage boost and replenishes combat resources for teammates, making her indispensable for any team composition.

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Sigil Sets

Let’s get into two different Sigil builds for Phantasmal Dawn Hera:

Energy Build

Combining the Virgo’s Meteor and Jörmungandr Sigil sets offers a potent synergy for Phantasmal Dawn Hera due to their effects complementing her skills and playstyle:

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Sigil Sets

Virgo’s Meteor: The Virgo’s Meteor set reduces the cooldown of both skills and the ultimate skill by 1.5 seconds whenever the Mod triggers Zero Time. Since Hera’s abilities have strong damage potential and utility, reducing their cooldowns allows her to use her powerful skills more frequently, increasing her overall damage output and utility to the team. Zero Time activation could be triggered by using Hera’s dodge skill.

Jörmungandr: The Jörmungandr sigil set complements Hera’s energy generation mechanics. Hera gains 3 Energy every second, and her abilities consume energy for activation. This sigil provides a chance to gain 35% of the maximum energy each time energy is consumed. The more energy Hera consumes through her skills, the higher the chance of gaining a significant portion of it back. As Hera’s abilities are central to her gameplay, this sigil ensures she can maintain her energy levels more effectively, allowing for consistent skill usage.

When combined, these two sigil sets create a synergy that enhances Hera’s overall performance. The reduced cooldowns from Virgo’s Meteor let her use her skills more frequently, and Jörmungandr’s energy recovery aspect helps sustain her energy pool. This combination enables Hera to unleash her powerful skills more often while maintaining a consistent energy supply for her skills.

Fast Ulti Build

Combining the Virgo’s Meteor and Nibelungenlied sigil sets can greatly enhance Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s performance in the game. Here’s why this combination is beneficial:

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Sigil Sets

Nibelungenlied: The Nibelungenlied sigil set has two components, but let’s focus on the “Increases Ultimate Skill charge speed by 30%” aspect, as Hera’s ultimate skill, Echo Chamber, plays a crucial role in enhancing her team’s performance. Despite Hera’s ultimate skill not dealing direct damage, its ability to provide a 14.4% damage boost to all teammates for 12 seconds is incredibly valuable. By increasing the Ultimate Skill charge speed by 30%, the Nibelungenlied set allows Hera to activate her ultimate skill more frequently. This, in turn, ensures that her team benefits from the damage boost more often, leading to more consistent overall damage and performance improvement.

The shortened cooldowns from Virgo’s Meteor enhance her skill rotation, and the increased ultimate charge speed from Nibelungenlied ensures that her team benefits from her buffing ultimate more often, even if the ultimate itself doesn’t deal damage. This synergy ultimately enhances her supportive and strategic role in the team, making her a more effective asset in battles.

Recommended Sigil Sets (Energy Build): Virgo’s Meteor 1,3,5 and Jörmungandr 2,4,6.
Recommended Sigil Sets (Fast Ulti Build): Virgo’s Meteor 1,3,5 and Nibelungenlied 2,4,6.

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Functor

The signature functor “Herald – Miriam” is a strong choice for Phantasmal Dawn Hera due to its multiple benefits that align well with her skills and playstyle:

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Functor

Improved Dodge Skill – Feathers Fantastical: This functor replaces Hera’s original dodge skill with Feathers Fantastical. When dodging, there is a 100% chance to trigger the dodge effect. Additionally, holding down the dodge button consumes 30 Energy to trigger an additional dodge effect. This new dodge skill adds versatility to Hera’s evasion maneuvers, allowing her to have a higher chance of triggering her dodge effect, and offering an extra dodge effect with the expenditure of energy. This can greatly enhance her survivability and utility in battles.

Damage Increase during Zero Time: The functor enhances the damage of Hera and her teammates affected by the “Dawn Wish” skill while they are in Zero Time. It increases their Non-DoT (Non-Damage over Time) damage by 32% (scaling up to 64% at Tier 5). Since Hera’s “Dawn Wish” skill not only deals damage but also boosts the attack of the teammate with the highest attack, this bonus damage amplification further boosts the impact of Zero Time, making Hera and her team even more formidable during this phase.

Overall, the “Herald – Miriam” signature functor significantly improves Hera’s dodging capabilities, grants her a more potent counter-attack option, and enhances the damage dealt during Zero Time. These benefits align well with Hera’s gameplay mechanics and skills, making it an optimal choice to maximize her effectiveness in battles.

Recommended Functor: Herald – Miriam
Recommended Functor F2P: Herald– Laelaps

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Hera’s potential. Here are the recommended team formations:

Team 1: Zero Time

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 2

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 3

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Build

Team 4

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Guide

Team 5

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 6

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 7

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 8

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 9

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Team 10

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Team

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Aether Codes

Aether Codes play a vital role in further enhancing Hera’s abilities. There are two builds for her, each optimized for different scenarios:

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Aether Codes
  • Damage Buff Build: 3 Blue Aether Codes
  • Zero Time Build: 3 Red Aether Codes

Understanding Hera’s Skills

To make the most of Hera’s abilities, understanding the mechanics of her skills is crucial. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Phantasmal Dawn Hera Guide - Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Normal Attack: White Flash

  • How it works: Hera performs her regular attack by firing a beam of light at the locked-on enemy. This attack deals light damage equal to 330% (Max 546.5%) of her attack power in total.
  • Energy: Hera gains 3 Energy every second.

Skill 1: Falling Stars

  • How it works: Hera summons 7 meteors above the locked-on enemy. Each meteor deals light damage equal to 200% (Maximum 374.4%) of the attack to enemies within its range.

Skill 2: Dawn Wish

  • How it works: Hera launches an attack on surrounding enemies, dealing a total of light damage equal to 480% (Max 898.4%) of her attack.
  • Damage Increase: Increases the attack of the team member with the highest attack by 20.5% (Max 37.5%) for a duration of 15 seconds.

Skill 3: Great Bear’s Fury

  • How it works: Hera summons the Big Dipper above the target to attack all enemies within range, dealing light damage equal to 1500% (Max 2807.6%) of attack in total.

Ultimate Skill: Echo Chamber

  • Damage Amplification: Increases the damage inflicted by all teammates by 14.4% (Max 28%) for a duration of 12 seconds.
  • Resource Restoration: Restores all expended Combat Resources of teammates in their next move within a 10-second window.
  • Zero Time Bonus: Activating Zero Time with Hera or a teammate provides an 8% charge towards the ultimate skill.

Dodge Skill: Phantasmal Lightdance

  • How it works: When she uses this skill, she can swiftly dodge the enemy’s attacks, allowing her to avoid taking damage. If Hel performs an “Extremity Dodge,” which is a particularly skillful dodge, it triggers a special effect called the “Dodge Effect.”
  • Dodge Effect: When Hera performs an Extremity Dodge, she enters Zero Time, which significantly slows down all enemy movements for 2 seconds. Additionally, she triggers a solar arrow attack on the attacker which deals light damage equal to 240% of attack in total.

Bonus Tips

  • Signature Functor Combo: S1 > S2 > S3 > Dodge > S1 > Dodge > S3.
  • No Signature Functor: S1 > S2 > S3, then use whichever skill is off cooldown.
  • Recommended Enchant Effects: Ultimate skill charge speed, energy charge speed, dodge effect cd, energy cost, max dodge energy.

Bonus Tips credits goes to: u/Ok_Communication_521


Final Thoughts

Mastering Phantasmal Dawn Hera’s abilities, sigil sets, functors, and aether codes is key to unleashing her true potential on the battlefield. As a versatile support character, she enhances team performance and damage output. The combination of Virgo’s Meteor and Jörmungandr sigil sets optimizes her cooldowns and energy management, while the “Herald – Miriam” functor empowers her dodging capabilities and damage potential. By strategically approaching team formation and skill usage, players can harness Hera’s strengths to lead their teams to victory. Embrace the power of Phantasmal Dawn Hera and elevate your gameplay to new heights in Aether Gazer!

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