Living Soul Osiris Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Living Soul Osiris Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Living Soul Osiris, focusing on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Living Soul Osiris is a powerful character in Aether Gazer, known for her wind-based abilities and versatility in battles. By understanding the best team setup, choosing the right sigils, utilizing the unique functors, mastering her skills, and selecting suitable aether codes, you can unleash the full potential of Living Soul Osiris.

Living Soul Osiris Sigils

We will discuss two different sigil builds for the character Living Soul Osiris. Sigils are powerful artifacts that can enhance a character’s abilities and provide various bonuses. The first build we will explore is the “No Signature Functor Sigil Build,” followed by the “Signature Functor Sigil Build.”

No Functor – Sigil Build

Living Soul Osiris Sigils

Living Soul Osiris is a modifier that harnesses the power of wind. Therefore, using the Gale Sovereign sigil is a perfect fit for her. This sigil enhances Wind Damage (DMG) by 10%, making it an excellent choice. What’s more, whenever one of her skills or ultimate abilities is on cooldown, the sigil further increases her wind damage by an additional 5%.

For the remaining three sigil slots, it is highly recommended to equip Griffins’ Pride. This choice is particularly beneficial for Living Soul Osiris, especially when she lacks the signature functor. By utilizing Griffins’ Pride Sigil she will gain a substantial increase in Critical Rate. With each Modifying Level she attains in combat, her Critical Rate receives a 3% boost, accumulating up to an impressive maximum stack of 15%. You can also check this sigil guide to know more about sigils: Aether Gazer Sigil Guide

Recommended Sigils: Gale Sovereign 1,3,5 and Griffins’ Pride 2,4,6.

Signature Functor – Sigil Build

Living Soul Osiris Guide - Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

If you’re fortunate enough to acquire Living Soul Osiris’s signature functor, you’ll need to make a slight adjustment to her sigils. While the Gale Sovereign sigil remains vital, you have the freedom to choose different ones for the remaining three slots. The Cupbearer of the Gods sigil grants Osiris a chance to recover Traces when she uses Skill 3. However, when considering the overall effectiveness, the Moon Drifter sigil proves to be the superior choice. It empowers Osiris with a substantial 10% boost to her Skill damage, amplifying the potency of her attacks. Therefore, opting for Moon Drifter sets over Cupbearer of the Gods sets is highly recommended to unleash the full potential of Living Soul Osiris.

Additionally, the Moon Drifter sigil also provides a 30% chance to gain one Trace whenever Osiris’s skill or Ultimate Skill attack successfully lands. However, please note that this chance only triggers once every 10 seconds. Taking this into account, using Moon Drifter for Living Soul Osiris remains the preferable option.

Recommended Sigils: Gale Sovereign 1,3,5 and Moon Drifter 2,4,6.

Living Soul Osiris Functor

Living Soul Osiris Functor

You should go with the Signature Functor known as “Pharaoh – Netjerykhet” as it offers several advantages specifically designed for her. This particular functor, which bears Osiris’s personal mark, surpasses the standard 5-star functor, Pharaoh – Userkaf, due to the following key reasons:

Increased Trace Limit: When equipped with the Signature Functor, Osiris’s trace limit is expanded by 2. This means she can store and utilize more traces, providing her with a greater reserve of resources for her actions and abilities.

Ultimate Skill Charge: Whenever she enters the battlefield, both the mod itself and any other mods that share a present Ultimate Skillchain with it receive a 5% charge towards their ultimate skills. This empowers Osiris and her allied mods to utilize their powerful ultimate skills more frequently, granting them a significant advantage in battles.

Darkwing Scythe Efficiency: With the signature functor equipped, Osiris gains enhanced efficiency when casting Darkwing Scythe. Specifically, when she casts Darkwing Scythe for the second time, it no longer consumes any traces. This enables Osiris to use Darkwing Scythe more frequently without depleting her trace reserves, allowing for sustained damage output.

Enhanced Soul Death: Another remarkable feature of Pharaoh – Netjerykhet is its effect on Osiris’s Soul Death ability. When Osiris successfully lands a hit with Soul Death while equipped with this signature functor, all remaining traces are expended. Each trace consumed increases the non-DOT (Damage over Time) damage of Soul Death by 12% and grants Osiris a healing effect of 1.2% HP per second for 8 seconds. This synergistic effect between the functor and Soul Death boosts both Osiris’s damage potential and her survivability, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Judge of the Underworld Mode Amplification: Lastly, when Osiris activates the Judge of the Underworld mode while equipped with Pharaoh – Netjerykhet, the damage increase and HP recovery of Soul Death are amplified by an impressive 100%. This mode further enhances the already powerful effects of Soul Death, allowing Osiris to unleash devastating damage and receive substantial healing, solidifying her dominance in battle. Also, check out my functor guide to understand more about functor: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

Recommended Functor: Pharaoh – Netjerykhet
Recommended F2P Functor: Pharaoh – Thutmose

Understanding Living Soul Osiris’s Skills

Now, let’s understand how the Living Soul Osiris skill works, so you can efficiently play her as the main carry character:

Understanding Living Soul Osiris's Skills

Normal Attack: Scythe Slash

How it works: Osiris’s normal attack can summon a powerful scythe to repeatedly slash her target. This causes wind damage that is equal to 343% of her attack power. In her Judge of the Underworld Mode, Osiris gains an even stronger attack. She unleashes wings made of swords that swiftly strike the target, causing wind damage equal to 340% of her attack power.

Osiris has an ability called “Traces.” When she successfully lands her third or fifth attack, she gains 1 Trace. Additionally, while in Judge of the Underworld Mode, she gains 1 Trace when her fourth attack successfully hits the target.

Skill 1: Darkwing Scythe

Normal Mode: In this skill, Osiris hurls her scythe at the target, inflicting a total of 287% Wind damage based on her attack power. It showcases her precision and ability to strike with force, delivering significant damage to her opponents.

Judge of the Underworld Mode: When Osiris enters the Judge of the Underworld Mode, her skill undergoes a transformation. She unleashes sword wings that swiftly strike the target, dealing a total of 480% Wind damage based on her attack power.

After using Darkwing Scythe, Osiris gains 2 Traces, which can be used to activate the skill again without earning additional Traces. She earns 2 Traces each time her skill hits the target successfully.

Skill 2: Spin of Death

Normal Mode: Osiris initiates a skill where she sets her scythe into a spinning motion, unleashing a flurry of 6 consecutive attacks on nearby enemies. Each attack inflicts Wind damage equal to 83% of her attack power.

Judge of the Underworld Mode: Osiris taps into her enhanced abilities, entering the Judge of the Underworld Mode. Within this mode, she harnesses her power to summon sword wings that encircle her. These wings strike enemies in their path a total of 26 times, each attack dealing wind damage equal to 30% of her attack power and it lasts for 6 seconds.

Skill 3: Soul Death

Normal Mode: Osiris wields her scythe with precision and power. She performs an upward slash towards the target, dealing a substantial amount of Wind damage equal to 660% of her attack power.

Judge of the Underworld Mode: Osiris taps into her enhanced abilities. She gathers the enemy in front of her and unleashes a devastating strike, causing a massive amount of Wind damage equal to 1000% of her attack power.

Ultimate Skill: Hell to Pay

How it works: She enters a powerful state known as Judge of the Underworld Mode, where her health points (HP) are fully restored.

While in Judge of the Underworld Mode, Osiris undergoes enhancements to her existing skills. Her skills, such as Scythe Slash, Darkwing Scythe, Spin of Death, and Soul Death, become more potent and effective. Each skill receives a boost, allowing Osiris to unleash stronger attacks and deal more damage to her enemies.

Furthermore, while in Judge of the Underworld Mode, Osiris grants a damage boost of 10.2% to all her teammates. Additionally, she gains Super Armor, making her tougher to defeat. However, there’s a drawback as she loses 7% of her HP every second while in this mode.

Once Osiris’s HP reaches 0, she exits the Judge of the Underworld Mode and returns to her original state. After leaving this mode, Osiris receives an Ultimate Skill charge based on the Mod (another character in the game) with whom she currently has an active Ultimate Skillchain. If there is no Mod with an Ultimate Skillchain, Osiris can still gain an Ultimate Skill charge while in the Judge of the Underworld Mode.

When Osiris enters the battlefield, she and the Mod with whom she has an active Ultimate Skillchain are granted a 35% Ultimate Skill charge. Additionally, an 8% Ultimate Skill charge is granted whenever an enemy is inflicted with Weak. This effect can occur once every 2 seconds.

Dodge Skill: Bad Omens

Osiris possesses the ability to swiftly evade enemy attacks. This evasion is triggered by a skill called Extremity Dodge. When Osiris is not in Judge of the Underworld Mode, triggering the dodge not only allows her to evade attacks but also enables her to unleash a counter-attack on nearby enemies. This counter-attack deals wind damage, specifically 240% of her attack power in total.

When Osiris successfully dodges an attack, it triggers a special effect known as Zero Time. This effect significantly slows down the movements of all enemies for a brief period. Additionally, it inflicts Weak status on the attackers, causing their attacks to be reduced by 10% for a duration of 3 seconds.

Living Soul Osiris Team Formation

Living Soul Osiris Team Formation

Pairing Living Soul Osiris with Gusty Lance Shu is highly recommended because their abilities synergize well. By using the Ultimate Skillchain, Gusty Lance Shu’s attack inflicts wind damage based on her ATK multiplied by (500% + 12.82% multiplied by her ultimate level), and it also raises her Modifying Level to Ω.

Furthermore, Living Soul Osiris deals wind damage equal to his ATK multiplied by (1000% + 25.64% multiplied by her ultimate skill level). Additionally, when Living Soul Osiris enters Judge of the Underworld Mode, all members of the team receive a significant DMG boost equal to 10.2% multiplied by her ultimate skill level, which remains active until Judge of the Underworld Mode ends.

Tidal Song Poseidon is a superb option for the third team position due to her exceptional support abilities and invaluable healing skills in combat. However, if healing support is not crucial for your team’s survival, another strong choice would be Shinri Tsukuyomi. She holds the title of the highest damage dealer in the game, making her an excellent addition to this team formation.

Recommended Team: Living Soul Osiris, Gusty Lance Shu, Shinri Tsukuyomi.

Living Soul Osiris Aether Codes

Living Soul Osiris is a character that offers two distinct Aether code builds: the Red Line Codes and the Yellow Line Codes:

Living Soul Osiris Aether Codes

Red Line Codes for Living Soul Osiris focus on enhancing her survivability and increasing her HP. These codes are designed to make her more resilient and capable of withstanding tough challenges. They are particularly effective for tackling high difficulty content where survival is crucial and this is considered the main build for Living Soul Osiris.

Yellow Line Codes for Living Soul Osiris prioritize damage output. They are geared towards maximising her overall damage potential, especially in ultimate mode. These codes are ideal for players who want to focus on dealing significant damage and making an impact in battles.

Both the Red Line Codes and the Yellow Line Codes offer unique benefits and playstyles for Living Soul Osiris. Players can choose the Aether code build that best aligns with their preferred gameplay style and the demands of the content they are facing.

Recommended Aether Codes: Survivability (Red Line Aether Codes) and DPS (Yellow Line Aether Codes).

Gusty Lance Shu Build

Gusty Lance Shu Build

Gusty Lance Shu is an essential character in the Living Soul Osiris team, therefore, it is crucial to construct her build accurately with the appropriate sigils, functors, and aether codes to enhance the team’s performance:

Recommended Sigils: Gale Sovereign 1,3,5 and Nibelungenlied 2,4,6 (It will help with the ultimate charge speed of Living Soul Osiris)

Recommended Aether Codes: Starbright, Sandfog and Mirage (Support build)

Recommended Functor: Pharaoh – Thutmose

Bonus Tips

  • Enchants priority Increases ATK > Crit Rate > Crit DMG > Wind DMG > Skill DMG.


Living Soul Osiris is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Aether Gazer. By utilizing the recommended sigils and understanding the unique advantages of the signature functor Pharaoh – Netjerykhet, you can enhance Osiris’s wind-based abilities and unlock her full potential. With the right team formation and aether codes, Osiris becomes a formidable main carry character, capable of dealing devastating damage while providing valuable support to her allies.

Remember to adapt your sigil build and playstyle based on the availability of the signature functor and the demands of the content you are facing. Whether you choose the no signature functor build or wield the power of Pharaoh – Netjerykhet, mastering Living Soul Osiris will lead you to victory on the battlefield. Harness the wind and embrace the strength of Osiris to become an unstoppable force in the game.

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