Shinri Tsukuyomi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to Shinri Tsukuyomi Guide! I’ve been using Shinri Tsukuyomi for a while now, and I have to tell you she’s one of the highest damage dealers in Aether Gazer. According to CN veterans, Shinri Tsukuyomi is considered future-proof, which means the hard work you put into building her is definitely worth it. However, in order to fully utilize her potential, it’s important to understand how her skills work and how to effectively use them in combat. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of Shinri Tsukuyomi’s skills, recommended sigils, functor, teams, and aether codes.

Shinri Tsukuyomi Sigils

Shinri Tsukuyomi Sigils

Let’s delve into Shinri Tsukuyomi’s Sigils. Since she is a thunder-type unit and her skills deal thunder damage, it is advisable to equip the Lightning Cutter sigil. This sigil provides two significant benefits. Firstly, it amplifies her Thunder damage by 10%, making her attacks even more potent. Secondly, it grants an additional lightning strike to the enemy for each successful skill or ultimate skill attack. Each of these extra lightning strikes inflicts Thunder damage equal to 90% of Shinri Tsukuyomi’s attack power. However, it’s important to note that this additional lightning strike effect can only be triggered once every 5 seconds. By equipping the Lightning Cutter sigil, Shinri Tsukuyomi can unleash devastating thunder-based attacks and maximize her combat potential.

For the remaining three slots of sigils, it is recommended to equip the Calydonian Rage sigil alongside the Lightning Cutter sigil. The Calydonian Rage sigil synergizes well with Shinri Tsukuyomi’s Rage ability. This sigil enhances the skill damage of her Rage Modes by 10%. Additionally, it augments the charge speed of Rage by 7% for each attained Modifying Level. This increase can reach a maximum of 35%. By equipping the Calydonian Rage sigil, Shinri Tsukuyomi can further boost her damage output and charge her Rage more swiftly, enabling her to unleash powerful attacks more frequently.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how other sigils in the game work, I recommend referring to the Aether Gazer Sigil Guide. It will provide comprehensive information on various sigils and their effects, helping you make informed decisions when customizing your characters’ abilities.

Recommended Sigils: Lightning Cutter in I, III and V. Calydonian Rage in II, IV, VI.

Shinri Tsukuyomi Functor

Shinri Tsukuyomi Functor

Shinri Tsukuyomi’s signature functor, Shikigami – Kyokotsu, is considered the optimal choice for her. It surpasses the normal 5-star functor, Shikigami – Aosaginohi, due to several key reasons:

Firstly, the signature functor grants a 6% increase in ATK for 9 seconds each time the Seal of Thunder is cleared or when an enemy with the Seal of Thunder is defeated. This effect can stack up to 3 times, resulting in a substantial 18% ATK bonus. This ATK boost significantly enhances Tsukuyomi’s damage output.

Secondly, Tsukuyomi’s third move, Thunder: Out of the Blue, consumes all existing Rage. For each point of Rage consumed, an additional 1.5% damage is added. With 100 Rage, this translates to an impressive +150% damage boost. The synergy between Tsukuyomi’s skill and the signature functor amplifies her damage potential even further.

Moreover, at Tier 5, the signature functor can provide a maximum attack bonus of 36%. In contrast, the regular functor only increases Crit Rate by 10% and Crit Damage by 50% at Tier 5. The higher attack bonus from the signature functor strengthens both regular attacks and skill damage, resulting in overall higher damage output.

While the regular functor focuses solely on boosting critical damage, the signature functor offers a broader benefit by enhancing Tsukuyomi’s attack power and increasing damage when utilising Rage. This allows for a more versatile and powerful playstyle. It is highly recommended to acquire Shinri Tsukuyomi’s signature functor, Shikigami – Kyokotsu, to maximize her damage potential and unleash devastating attacks in combat. Also, check out my functor guide to understand more about functor: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

Recommended Functor: Shikigami – Kyokotsu

Understanding Shinri Tsukuyomi’s Skills

Let’s explore how her skill works in Aether Gazer. Unlike other games where you can simply spam all skills and succeed, in Aether Gazer, you need to execute specific combos to use her effectively. You can’t just use all skills at once. It’s essential to understand how her skill functions to play her as the main character. Please note that all skills mentioned below are at Level 1.

Understanding Shinri Tsukuyomi's Skills

Normal Attack: Thundercall Blade

How it works: Shinri Tsukuyomi does not possess a traditional mana or energy that naturally replenishes over time during combat. Instead, she possesses a unique skill called “Rage.” Rage functions similarly to energy, but it is only acquired by landing normal attacks on enemies. This means that Tsukuyomi needs to strike enemies using her regular attacks to accumulate Rage. Once she accumulates 70 Rage, she can unleash a special combo known as the Shinri Tsukuyomi combo, which I will describe in detail shortly.

Skill 1 – Thunder: Ardent Light

How it works: Tsukuyomi quickly moves forward and slashes at the enemy while dashing, causing Thunder damage equivalent to 260% of her attack power. Moreover, the enemies struck by this attack are afflicted with a debuff known as the Seal of Thunder.

Skill 2 – Thunder: Dual Flow

How it works: In a simple way, Shinri Tsukuyomi uses two swords called a double katana to attack the enemy in front of her. This attack causes Thunder damage, which is equal to 320% of her attack power. Additionally, when the enemies are hit by this attack, they also receive a debuff called the Seal of Thunder.

Skill 3 – Thunder: Out of the Blue

How it works: Shinri Tsukuyomi utilises Battoujutsu, a technique where she swiftly slashes at the enemy positioned in front of her. This attack serves two purposes: it clears the Seal of Thunder from enemies who are affected by it, and it enables the subsequent Thunder move called “Out of the Blue.”

Under the Thunder: Out of the Blue sequence, there are a total of three moves. In the first move, Tsukuyomi inflicts Thunder damage equal to 250% of her attack power. In the second move, she delivers Thunder damage equivalent to 450% of her attack power.

The third move of Thunder: Out of the Blue is unique. Tsukuyomi summons four lightning strikes, each strike causing Thunder damage equal to 600% of her attack power. However, it’s important to note that the second subsequent attack on the same enemy inflicts progressively less damage. Furthermore, every enemy can be hit up to a maximum total of 2.8 times the initial Thunder damage of 600% ATK.

It’s worth mentioning that when Tsukuyomi employs the third move of Thunder: Out of the Blue, her Rage is not consumed, and the Seal of Thunder is not cleared from the enemy.

Ultimate Skill: Thunderclap

How it works: Shinri Tsukuyomi swiftly dashes towards the enemy she has locked onto, delivering powerful slashing attacks that result in a total of 840% Thunder damage based on her attack power. Notably, after using this skill, all members of her team enjoy a 30% increase in Thunder damage for a duration of 10 seconds.

Moreover, the “Zero Time” trigger mechanism plays a significant role. When Tsukuyomi or one of her teammates activates Zero Time, they receive a 15% charge towards their Ultimate Skill. It’s important to note that this trigger can only occur once every 0.5 seconds.

Dodge Skill – Thunder: Lightning Dodge

How it works: Shinri Tsukuyomi possesses exceptional agility, allowing her to swiftly evade incoming enemy attacks. She has a special move called “Extremity Dodge,” which can be utilised consecutively up to two times. When triggering the Dodge, a skill is unleashed, inflicting Thunder damage amounting to 134% of her attack power.

Furthermore, when Tsukuyomi enters “Zero Time” by performing a Dodge, the movements of all enemies are significantly slowed for a duration of 3 seconds. Additionally, tapping on the Normal Attack during this time initiates a skill attack that afflicts the Seal of Thunder on the enemies struck.

Shinri Tsukuyomi Skills Combo

shinri tsukuyomi skill combo

In Aether Gazer, each character has a unique Skill Combo, which involves using skills in a specific order to trigger powerful effects. To initiate the Skill Combo with Shinri Tsukuyomi, you first need to use her normal attack to strike enemies and accumulate Rage. The Rage is represented by a red bar below her HP.

Once Tsukuyomi reaches 70 Rage, you can perform the Skill Combo by using the skills in the following order: Skill 1, Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 3, and finally Skill 3 again. This sequence will activate the third move of her Thunder: Out of the Blue skill.

The third move summons four lightning strikes, with each strike dealing Thunder damage equivalent to 600% of Tsukuyomi’s attack power. However, please bear in mind that the second subsequent attack on the same enemy will inflict progressively less damage. Additionally, every enemy can only be struck up to a maximum of 2.8 times the initial Thunder damage of 600% ATK and when Tsukuyomi employs the third move of Thunder: Out of the Blue, her Rage is not depleted, and the Seal of Thunder is not removed from the enemy.

Skill Combo: Skill 1, Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 3, Skill 3.

Shinri Tsukuyomi Team Formation

Shinri Tsukuyomi Guide

For the optimal team composition with Shinri Tsukuyomi, it is recommended to pair her with Shinku Buzenbo Tengu. This combination allows the team to execute the Ultimate Skillchains known as “Thousand Burials,” which are significantly more potent than regular ultimate skills. This synergy between Shinri Tsukuyomi and Shinku Buzenbo Tengu enhances the team’s overall damage output and enables devastating attacks.

In the third team slot, Tidal Song Poseidon is an excellent choice. She excels in providing support to the team, and her healing skills prove invaluable during combat. Tidal Song Poseidon’s abilities can greatly enhance the team’s survivability and sustain their health in challenging battles. However, it’s worth noting that in the future, you may consider replacing Tidal Song Poseidon with Archaic Oath Verthandi for further team synergies and strategic advantages.

Recommended Team: Shinri Tsukuyomi, Shinku Buzenbo Tengu, Tidal Song Poseidon.
Recommended Team: Shinri Tsukuyomi, Shinku Buzenbo Tengu, Archaic Oath Verthandi.

Shinri Tsukuyomi Aether Codes

To unleash tremendous damage with Shinri Tsukuyomi, it is advisable to equip the red dots Crescent Moon, Night City, and Imperial Blade code imprints. These three code imprints synergize perfectly with her abilities, enhancing her damage potential significantly.

Crescent Moon provides a valuable effect where each time the Seal of Thunder is cleared or an enemy with the Seal of Thunder is defeated, the remaining cooldown time of all skills, including the Ultimate Skill, is reduced by 1.5 seconds. This reduction in cooldown time allows Shinri Tsukuyomi to unleash her powerful skills more frequently, maintaining a relentless assault on her foes.

Night City offers an advantageous ability. Whenever the Seal of Thunder is cleared from an enemy or an enemy with the Seal of Thunder is defeated, it grants Shinri Tsukuyomi 15 Rage. This Rage accumulation enables her to access her devastating skill combos more swiftly, empowering her attacks and increasing her damage output.

Imperial Blade is another crucial code imprint that complements Shinri Tsukuyomi’s playstyle. By using the third move of Thunder: Out of the Blue, the Seal of Thunder is also cleared. This effect not only removes the Seal but also grants a 35% increase in Thunder damage dealt for 12 seconds. This enhancement significantly boosts Shinri Tsukuyomi’s damage potential during this period, enabling her to deal even greater amounts of Thunder damage.

Recommended Codes: Crescent Moon, Night City, and Imperial Blade.

Bonus Tips

  • Skill 1 has iframes, allowing you to phase through sweeping attacks and mark the enemies safely.
  • Skill 2 can also be dash cancelled; you only need to land the first hit to apply the mark. It’s much better to mark, then back off, and use the final form of Skill 3 to hit as many enemies as possible in a hectic fight since it requires a lot of setup.
  • When it comes to the combo, you can try this sequence: S1, S3, S2, S3, S1, S3, and so on, repeating indefinitely. This strategy works well if you’re moving between groups of enemies after using the second S3 ability and you don’t want to waste the third charge of S3 or reposition yourself because of a boss. By the time you repeat the combo, the cooldown for S1 will have refreshed.
  • When facing multiple enemies, it’s advisable to refrain from using the lock-on feature while using Skill 3. Instead, take your time to move around and position yourself strategically in order to hit as many enemies as possible. Although the attack appears to be linear, each strike has a wide hitbox, so it’s not necessary for the enemies to be tightly grouped together.
  • To effectively utilize Skill 3, it is crucial to ensure that the targeted enemy has been marked; failure to do so will result in a significant cooldown penalty. However, Sakura, the bunny girl character, provides a solution by offering a team-wide reduction in Skill 3’s cooldown through one of her skills. You can easily identify a marked enemy by the presence of a purple thunderbolt symbol above their head or by checking just below their HP bar at the top of the screen, which also displays other status effects like Trauma.

Bonus Tips credits goes to: u/tatsurugi, u/Potkaniak, u/SummonerKai1, u/bockscar916


Shinri Tsukuyomi is a formidable and future-proof character in Aether Gazer, known for her high damage output and unique skill set. By mastering her abilities, such as Thundercall Blade, Thunder: Ardent Light, Thunder: Dual Flow, Thunder: Out of the Blue, and Thunderclap, players can unleash devastating combos and dominate the battlefield. With the right team composition, sigils, and Aether codes, Shinri Tsukuyomi can reach her full potential and become a force to be reckoned with.

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