Aether Gazer M.E.O.W Guide

M.E.O.W is an AI pet available in Aether Gazer designed to assist players in battles. It can heal your team, provide offensive buffs, or provide combat resources. Choosing the right M.E.O.W for your team can greatly impact your gameplay. In this comprehensive Aether Gazer M.E.O.W Guide, we will delve into the different M.E.O.W pets available and help you determine which one suits your playstyle. Additionally, we will explore the recommended chips that complement each M.E.O.W’s abilities.


Mimtastic restores teammates’ health to the maximum when they would otherwise be defeated. However, there is a trade-off. Once activated, the affected characters’ damage output and healing abilities decrease by 10% for the rest of the battle. This reduction can occur up to five times, resulting in a maximum 50% decrease. Despite the initial drawback of decreased effectiveness, Mimtastic can be advantageous when used strategically by providing crucial healing support to your team. Here are a few reasons why:

Aether Gazer M.E.O.W Guide

Lifesaver: Mimtastic’s ability to restore allies to full HP when they would have been defeated is invaluable. It saves your teammates from being defeated in battle and allows them to continue contributing.

Increased Survivability: By preventing your allies from reaching fatal HP levels, Mimtastic improves your team’s overall survivability. This is particularly useful against strong opponents or in challenging battles.

Synergy with Supportive Strategies: If your team focuses on defensive or supportive strategies, Mimtastic complements them well. Its ability to restore full HP can be a game-changer when combined with sustain-based healing and damage mitigation tactics.

Battlefield Dominance: This chip increases the attack of your other allied characters by 5% for every enemy on the field, up to a maximum of 20%. This means that the more enemies there are, the higher the attack boost for your team. It can help compensate for the decreased damage caused by Mimtastic’s restoration ability.

Sudden Offensive: This chip increases the attack and defense of other allied characters by 2% whenever an allied character uses an Ultimate skill. The effect stacks up to 5 times, providing a potential maximum boost of 10% to both attack and defense for your team. Mimtastic’s restoration ability may trigger more Ultimate skills being used since it restores allies to full HP when they take fatal damage. This can further enhance the benefits of Sudden Offensive and increase your team’s overall offensive and defensive capabilities.

When to use: Mimtastic is a great fit for any team setup and is highly recommended for most teams. Its strong survivability and healing capabilities make it a valuable asset.


Me-Yow, the AI pet in Aether Gazer, is an excellent addition to your team for several reasons. Its unique ability to grant Combat Resources to the team leader whenever another allied character’s Dodge effect is triggered provides valuable advantages during battles.

aether gazer meow

Resource Generation: Me-Yow allows your team leader to gain 20 Rage, 20 Energy, 20 Divine Grace, or 1 Trace each time an ally successfully dodges an attack. This ability effectively boosts your team leader’s resource pool, enabling them to unleash powerful skills more frequently.

Versatility: Aether Gazer features characters with different combat resource requirements. For example, Rahu Asura relies on Energy to use skills, while Shinri Tsukuyomi requires Rage. Me-Yow’s ability caters to both scenarios, ensuring that your team leader receives the necessary resources regardless of their unique skill set.

Tactical Advantage: The additional Combat Resources gained from Me-Yow’s ability give the team leader flexibility in using skills, enhancing their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Rift Surge: This chip increases the Invincibility duration of other allied characters by 1 second after they successfully Break-fall or Dodge. As mentioned earlier, Me-Yow’s ability is triggered when allied characters perform a Dodge. By extending the Invincibility duration after a Dodge, Rift Surge enhances the defensive capabilities of the team, allowing them to mitigate damage more effectively.

Battlefield Dominance: This chip increases the attack of other allied characters by 5% for every enemy on the field, up to a maximum of 20%. This chip is perfect in any scenario.

When to use: You should consider using Me-Yow if you lack Combat Resources. Characters like Rahu Asura need a lot of Energy, and Me-Yow can be very useful for her.


Mitir is an excellent addition to your team when fighting bosses due to its unique ability to extend the duration of Modified Mode by 3 seconds. Modified Mode is a state in which characters experience increased damage output, allowing them to deal a substantial amount of damage to the boss. Here’s why Mitir is a great addition to your team in boss fights:

aether gazer mitir

Longer Modified Mode: By extending the duration of Modified Mode, Mitir provides your team with more time to exploit the increased damage potential. This means your characters can deal additional damage to the boss, maximizing their effectiveness during this heightened state.

Amplified Damage: Modified Mode already enhances your characters’ damage output, and Mitir further improves this aspect. With the extended duration, your team can maintain the heightened damage levels for a longer period. This leads to a higher overall damage dealt to the boss throughout the fight, potentially resulting in a faster defeat.

Marginal Benefit: This chip increases the damage of other allied characters by 15% when they are in Zero Time or Modified Mode. Since Mitir extends the duration of Modified Mode, this chip would enhance the damage output of the team during that extended duration.

Challenger: This chip increases the defense of other allied characters by 25% when there is only one enemy in battle, with a decreasing effect for each additional enemy. It provides a significant defense boost when facing a single enemy, which can be useful in boss battles. Mitir’s ability to extend Modified Mode can be particularly effective against bosses, and the extra defense granted by Challenger can help the team withstand the boss’s attacks more effectively.

When to use: Boss fights


Mininja is an excellent M.E.O.W pet choice for your team of damage dealers with high critical hit rates. Here’s why Mininja can greatly benefit your team:

aether gazer mininja

Modifying Level Ω: When Mininja reaches the Modifying Level Ω during combat, it unlocks a powerful passive ability. This ability increases the critical hit rate of all other allied characters by 10%. Since your team consists of damage dealers with high critical hit rates, this boost will further enhance their chances of landing critical hits. Critical hits deal additional damage and can often turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

Ultimate Skill Charge Increase: In addition to the crit rate boost, Mininja’s passive ability also grants a 1% increase in the charge of the Ultimate Skills of your allies whenever their attacks result in a critical hit. Ultimate Skills are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle or deal massive damage to enemies. By increasing the charge of these skills, Mininja allows your team members to unleash their devastating ultimates more frequently, providing consistent bursts of damage and potentially securing victory.

Sudden Offensive: This chip increases other allied characters’ attack and defense by 2% whenever an allied character uses an Ultimate skill, stacking up to 5 times. Since Mininja increases the charge of Ultimate Skills whenever their attacks crit, combining it with Sudden Offensive will create a powerful synergy. As your team members frequently use their Ultimate Skills, the attack and defense bonuses provided by Sudden Offensive will accumulate, significantly boosting their overall damage output and resilience.

Battlefield Dominance: This chip increases other allied characters’ attack by 5% for every enemy on the field, up to a maximum of 20%. In battles where there are multiple enemies, this chip becomes highly advantageous. Since your team is composed of damage dealers, the increased attack provided by Battlefield Dominance will significantly enhance their damage potential. As the number of enemies increases, the attack bonus accumulates, allowing your team to unleash devastating blows and defeat their opponents swiftly.

When to use: Mininja can be useful if your other allied characters are damage dealers and you want to maximize their damage output and clear contents more fast.


Micoco is highly recommended for extended fights where you expect to take periodic damage, especially if you have good dodge skills. Here are the reasons why Micoco is a valuable M.E.O.W in such situations:

aether gazer micoco

Health Regeneration: When Dodge Effect is triggered, all team members recover 3% of their maximum HP. This means that whenever you or your teammates successfully dodge an attack, Micoco’s effect will heal your team, providing a consistent source of health regeneration.

Synergy with Dodging: Micoco’s healing effect synergizes particularly well with players who have good dodge skills. If you possess the ability to reliably dodge incoming attacks, you can significantly increase the frequency of Micoco’s healing effect. This synergy enhances the overall survivability of your team, making them more resilient against enemy assaults.

Rift Surge: This chip extends the Invincibility duration of other allied characters by 1 second after they successfully perform Break-fall or Dodge maneuvers. This additional Invincibility duration provides an extra layer of protection to your team, allowing them to avoid damage altogether. When combined with Micoco’s Dodge effect, Rift Surge enhances the survivability of your team by increasing their chances of avoiding damage and triggering Micoco’s healing effect more frequently.

Marginal Benefit: This chip increases the damage output of other allied characters by 15% when they are in Zero Time or Modified Mode. Since Zero Time is a result of a perfect dodge with precise timing, equipping Marginal Benefit amplifies the damage potential of your team members during Zero Time.

When to use: Micoco is strongly recommended for long fights where you expect to get hurt from time to time, especially if you’re skilled at dodging attacks.


aether gazer mijir

Mijir’s immunity to Stagger provides a valuable advantage, the lack of Dodging and Break-falling for your AI teammates may pose a disadvantage by compromising their defensive capabilities. It’s important to consider your team’s overall strategy and playstyle to determine whether Mijir’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks in the context of your gameplay.

When to use: Never xD


In conclusion, the M.E.O.W pets in Aether Gazer offer unique abilities and advantages to enhance your team’s performance in battles. Mimtastic provides crucial healing support, saving teammates from defeat and improving overall survivability. Me-Yow boosts combat resources for the team leader, increasing skill frequency and providing tactical advantages. Mitir extends the duration of Modified Mode, maximizing damage output against bosses. Mininja enhances critical hit rates and increases Ultimate Skill charge, benefiting damage dealers with high critical hit rates. Micoco offers consistent health regeneration when dodging attacks, synergizing well with dodge-focused strategies.

However, Mijir’s lack of defensive capabilities for AI teammates makes it less recommended. By considering your team’s composition and playstyle, you can strategically choose the M.E.O.W pet that best suits your needs and maximize your team’s effectiveness in the game.

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