Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Guide! In this comprehensive guide for Aether Gazer, we’ll delve into effective strategies for playing as Ryugiri Kagutsuchi. Our main focus will be on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Ryugiri Kagutsuchi is an incredibly strong character in Aether Gazer, renowned for his exceptional skills. By gaining insights into creating the best team setups, choosing suitable sigils, harnessing the unique power of functors, mastering his skills, and selecting aether codes that complement him well, you’ll be able to unleash the true potential of Ryugiri Kagutsuchi.

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Sigils

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Sigils

Prometheus’ Flame enhances Fire Damage by 10%, which directly boosts Ryugiri Kagutsuchi’s primary elemental damage type. As most of his skills deal fire damage, this Sigil amplifies his overall damage output. Additionally, when an enemy is defeated, the Sigil grants an additional 10% Fire Damage bonus for 10 seconds. This bonus can stack up to 3 times, meaning that if Ryugiri Kagutsuchi defeats multiple enemies in quick succession, he can potentially have a substantial increase in Fire Damage, allowing him to deal even more damage to subsequent foes.

Griffin’s Pride increases Critical Rate by 3% for each Modifying Level attained in combat, with a maximum stack of 15% in total. Critical hits deal increased damage, making this Sigil useful for enhancing Ryugiri Kagutsuchi’s burst damage potential. Since he has skills that deal multiple hits, the increased Critical Rate can significantly improve his overall damage output during combat. As Ryugiri Kagutsuchi continues to land hits and build up his Modifying Level, his Critical Rate will steadily increase, leading to more frequent critical hits and higher damage output.

Recommended Sigils: Prometheus’ Flame 1,3,5 and Griffin’s Pride 2,4,6.
Recommended Sigils 2: Witch’s Judgment 1,2,3 and Griffin’s Pride 4,5,6.

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Functor

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Functor

When it comes to choosing a functor for Ryugiri Kagutsuchi, there’s one that stands out above the rest: the Shikigami – Sogenbi Signature Functor. This particular functor is meticulously crafted to amplify his unique abilities, offering a range of impressive advantages. While the Shikigami – Aosaginohi, a standard 5-star functor, is a viable option, it simply can’t compare to the superiority of the Shikigami – Sogenbi functor when it comes to Ryugiri Kagutsuchi due to the following reasons:

Attack Increase on Enemy Hit: When Ryugiri Kagutsuchi is hit by an enemy, the functor grants him a 12% attack increase for 7 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times. This functor effect synergizes well with Kagutsuchi’s playstyle as a melee damage dealer. When he takes hits from enemies, his attack power is boosted, allowing him to deal higher damage in return. With multiple stacks of the attack increase, his damage potential becomes even more potent.

Fiery Dance: Alt Flame Waves: This functor enhances Ryugiri Kagutsuchi’s Fiery Dance: Alt skill. When he casts Fiery Dance: Alt, waves of flame are generated that deal fire damage to enemies in their path, equivalent to 255% of his attack. This provides an additional source of damage output, allowing him to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Moreover, the functor grants energy when more than one enemy is hit by Fiery Dance: Alt, helping him generate energy faster and enabling more frequent use of his other skills.

Increased Damage on Hit: The functor also provides a 24% damage increase on hit for the flame waves generated by Fiery Dance: Alt. This means that each enemy hit by the flame waves will take significantly more damage. Since Fiery Dance: Alt can hit multiple enemies at once, the increased damage amplification further enhances Kagutsuchi’s overall damage output, making him more effective in clearing groups of enemies or dealing high burst damage to single targets. Also, check out: Aether Gazer Functor Guide

Recommended Functor: Shikigami – Sogenbi
Recommended F2P Functor: Shikigami – Raiju

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Ryugiri Kagutsuchi’s potential. Here are two recommended team formations for different playstyles:

Fire Team:

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Fire Team

DPS Team:

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Guide - Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Aether Codes

Ryugiri Kagutsuchi Aether Codes

There are two types of Aether codes designed for Ryugiri Kagutsuchi: Yellow Codes, which are used if you have the signature functor, and Blue Codes, which are used if you don’t have the signature functor for Ryugiri Kagutsuchi.

Recommended Aether Codes (with signature functor): Yellow Codes
Recommended Aether Codes (without signature functor): Blue Codes

Understanding Ryugiri Kagutsuchi’s Skills

To effectively utilize Ryugiri Kagutsuchi as your primary carry character, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of his skills. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Normal Attack – Fiery Dance

How it works: Kagutsuchi swings his sword at the enemy, causing fire damage equal to 222% of his attack power. Each successful hit reduces the damage Kagutsuchi takes by 1% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

Passive: If you tap the normal attack button within 7 seconds after using certain skills (Ashen: Blacken, Secret Sword: Blacken, Ashen: Charge, Secret Sword: Charge, or Ashen: Smelt), you can use a special version of the normal attack called Fiery Dance: Alt.

Fiery Dance: Alt: This special attack deals fire damage equal to 255% of Kagutsuchi’s attack power. Using this skill gives Kagutsuchi a temporary buff called Unyielding for 5 seconds. Every 3 times you use Fiery Dance: Alt, a more powerful attack called Fiery Dance: Burst is triggered.

Fiery Dance: Burst: This powerful attack inflicts fire damage equal to 360% of Kagutsuchi’s attack power.

Energy: Kagutsuchi gains 3 Energy points every second. Using Fiery Dance: Alt also grants him 10 Energy points each time it hits an enemy.

Skill 1 – Ashen: Blacken

How it works: Kagutsuchi performs two sweeping attacks, causing fire damage equal to 130% of their attack in total. When Kagutsuchi is in the Wildfire state, using Ashen: Blacken deals fire damage equal to 230% of their attack. After casting the skill, it transforms into a new skill called Secret Sword: Blacken.

Secret Sword: Blacken: Kagutsuchi executes an upward attack, dealing fire damage equal to 355% of their attack in total. Secret Sword: Blacken has a cooldown time of 6 seconds.

Skill 2 – Ashen: Charge

How it works: Kagutsuchi dashes towards the targeted enemy and thrusts, causing fire damage equal to 130% of their attack. When Kagutsuchi is in the Wildfire state, using Ashen: Charge deals fire damage equal to 230% of their attack. After using the skill, it transforms into a new skill called Secret Sword: Charge.

Secret Sword: Charge: Kagutsuchi performs two powerful cross-slashing attacks, dealing fire damage equal to 354% of their attack in total. Secret Sword: Charge has a cooldown time of 6 seconds.

Skill 3 – Ashen: Smelt

How it works: Kagutsuchi lifts his nodachi in an upward swing, unleashing a fiery sword wave that inflicts fire damage equal to 250% of his attack. When this skill is used, Kagutsuchi enters the Wildfire state for 18 seconds, and the cooldowns of Ashen: Blacken and Ashen: Charge are reset.

Wildfire: Every normal attack is regarded as a skill attack.

Ultimate Skill – Ashen Destruction

How it works: Kagutsuchi unleashes a devastating fire wave in all directions with his nodachi, causing fire damage equal to 840% of his attack. Additionally, upon using this skill, the team’s fire damage is boosted by 30% for 10 seconds.

Kagutsuchi or one of his teammates can trigger a 15% ultimate skill charge whenever they successfully perform a dodge. This effect can activate once every 0.5 seconds, providing an opportunity to charge the ultimate skill faster.

Dodge Skill – Ashen: Slag

How it works: Kagutsuchi swiftly evades incoming enemy attacks through a quick dodge. When the Extremity Dodge is successfully triggered, Kagutsuchi gains 25 Energy.

Dodge: When Kagutsuchi activates the Dodge skill, he enters a state known as Zero Time, which greatly slows down the movements of all enemies for a duration of 4 seconds.

Bonus Tips

  • Use yellow code for A.I. and blue code if you’re maining. Once his buff hits, switch to red code for A.I. and retain blue code if you’re having skill issues. He’s not a very good main unit, but he’s a partner to Tyr, which is one of the best units. Sigils for the future would be sun and flame or sun and victors (if you really want yellow Aether code, you can go scarab and night owl; the buff makes you do 45% damage against burning instead of 15%).
  • For free-to-play players using Asura, it’s best to equip Kagutsuchi with Yellow codes. The F2P 5-star Functor for Asterism has a primary effect of dealing additional damage to enemies with special status effects. Therefore, Kagutsuchi is the perfect choice to boost Asura’s damage. Pairing Nuadha with Nibel will provide the team with a reliable and consistent source of fire damage boost, enabling Asura to deal a substantial amount of damage.
  • Whenever you perform a hold attack after using a skill, Kagutsuchi will execute one basic attack before the jump attack. This allows you to continuously alternate between your skills to apply burning marks without the requirement of using basic attacks.
  • You only need to hit an enemy to trigger the jump attack, which means that using the third skill (and if you’re using the blue code, the enhanced first skill) from a distance will trigger the jump attack if the fire wave from Kagutsuchi’s attack hits the enemy.
  • Another important note is that you can quickly cancel your skill by dodging. For example, if you use the first skill and it successfully hits the enemy, you can immediately dodge and still execute the jump attack.
  • Regarding the yellow code, the Fiery Dance: Burst ability relies on the wildfire state. To activate it, you must use the second part of both skill 1 and skill 2. By alternating between these two skills, you can trigger the burst effect twice in a row.

Bonus Tips credits goes to: u/seemingly-username, u/LoRd_Of_AaRcnA, arkail774


Ryugiri Kagutsuchi is a formidable character in Aether Gazer, and with the right strategies, team compositions, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes, you can unlock his true potential. By following the recommendations provided in this guide, you’ll be able to optimize Kagutsuchi’s performance, dominate your opponents, and achieve victory in battles. Experiment, adapt, and have fun exploring the vast possibilities that Ryugiri Kagutsuchi offers as one of Aether Gazer’s strongest warriors!

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