Early Sakura Ookuninushi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to Early Sakura Ookuninushi Guide! Ookuninushi is a powerful character in Aether Gazer, offering both offensive capabilities and invaluable support to her team. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of Ookuninushi’s skills, recommended sigils, functor, teams, and aether codes.

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Sigil Sets

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Sigil Sets

The combination of the Witch’s Judgment and Nibelungenlied sigil sets is exceptionally beneficial for Early Sakura Ookuninushi, enhancing both her offensive capabilities and her role as a support character. Here’s why this combination is so effective:

Witch’s Judgment: The Witch’s Judgment set increases the damage dealt to enemies with less than 40% of their HP by 35%. This is particularly advantageous for Ookuninushi because it allows her to deal significantly higher damage to weakened enemies, making it easier to finish off low-health opponents and contributing to her overall damage output in battles.

Nibelungenlied: The Nibelungenlied set provides two important advantages for Ookuninushi. Firstly, it increases the charge speed of her Ultimate Skill by 30%, allowing her to use her ultimate more frequently. Since her ultimate, Dues ex Machina, resets the cooldown time of her Skill 3 (BunBun Gunner) and shortens the remaining cooldown time of other allied characters’ Skill 3 by 5 seconds, using it more often greatly enhances her supportive capabilities.

By using Nibelungenlied, Ookuninushi can unleash her ultimate more frequently and provide cooldown reduction support for her team. This makes her an excellent support character, allowing her allies to use their powerful Skill 3 abilities more frequently, resulting in a more formidable team overall.

Recommended Sigil Sets: Witch’s Judgment 1,2,3 and Nibelungenlied 4,5,6.

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Team Formation

To maximize Ookuninushi’s potential, it is crucial to consider the team composition. Here are some recommended teams that synergize well with her abilities:

Team 1: Ookuninushi Support

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Team Formation

Team 2: Ookuninushi Support

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Team Formation

Team 3: Ookuninushi Main Carry

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Team Formation

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Functor

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Functor

The Signature Functor “Shikigami – Enmusubi” is highly beneficial for Ookuninushi due to the following reasons:

BunBun Gunner Replacement: With the signature functor equipped, Ookuninushi’s Skill 3, BunBun Gunner, is replaced by BunBun Strike. This means that her previous skill, which had a specific offensive ability, is now exchanged for a new and enhanced skill.

Summoning the BunBun Mecha: The new skill, BunBun Strike, allows Ookuninushi to summon the powerful BunBun Mecha, which attacks and drags surrounding enemies. This is a significant upgrade from her previous skill, as the Mecha brings additional firepower and crowd control to her kit.

Increased Base Damage: This functor enhances the base damage of BunBun Strike by 16%. This increase in damage output makes Ookuninushi more formidable in combat, allowing her to deal greater damage to her foes when utilizing the BunBun Mecha’s attacks.

Expanded Drag Radius: Additionally, the signature functor also boosts the drag radius of the BunBun Mecha’s attacks by 20%. This means that more enemies can be affected and pulled in by the Mecha’s strikes, further improving Ookuninushi’s crowd control abilities and helping to control the battlefield.

Recommended Functor: Shikigami – Enmusubi
Recommended Functor F2P: Shikigami – Raiju and Shikigami – Aosaginohi

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Aether Codes

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Aether Codes

Aether Codes are essential for enhancing Ookuninushi’s abilities further. There are two builds for Ookuninushi:

Recommended Aether Codes (Support): 3 Red Aether Codes
Recommended Aether Codes (DPS): 2 Red & 1 Blue Aether Codes

Understanding Ookuninushi’s Skills

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

To make the most of Ookuninushi’s abilities, understanding the mechanics of her skills is crucial. Let’s explore each skill in detail:

Normal Attack: BunBun Iron Fist

How it works: Ookuninushi calls upon BunBun Iron Fist to attack the enemy. This attack deals physical damage equal to 194% of her own attack power.

Rage: When Ookuninushi’s normal attack successfully hits the enemy, she gains Rage.

Skill 1: Divination

How it works: Ookuninushi uses her ability to draw a Tarot Card, which gives her a Divination effect lasting for 15 seconds. If the drawn card is different from the previous one, the effect is boosted by 50%.

There are three possible Tarot Cards she can draw:

  • Death: This card increases her attack power by 13%.
  • The Chariot: This card grants her 7 Rage every 2 seconds.
  • The Lovers: This card allows her to restore HP (Health Points) equal to 6% of her attack every 3 seconds.

Skill 2: BunBun Cannon

How it works: Ookuninushi unleashes BunBun-2 towards enemies in front of her, dealing a powerful physical attack equal to 448% of her attack in total.

After hitting an enemy, the round continues to ricochet, bouncing off and dealing physical damage equal to 192% of her attack power to up to 5 surrounding enemies.

Skill 3: BunBun Gunner

How it works: Ookuninushi performs a powerful move by leaping into the air. While airborne, she attacks enemies in a circular area in front of her. This attack deals an incredible amount of physical damage equal to 1024% of her attack power in total.

Ultimate Skill: Deus ex Machina

How it works: Ookuninushi performs her ultimate move by summoning BunBun-3 from above to strike the targeted area. This powerful attack deals an immense amount of physical damage equal to 840% of her attack power in total.

When she uses her ultimate skill, three special effects happen:

Cooldown Reset: When Ookuninushi uses her Ultimate Skill, the cooldown time of her Skill 3 (BunBun Gunner) is instantly reset. So, she can use BunBun Gunner again right away.

Cooldown Reduction for Allies: Not only does Ookuninushi benefit from the cooldown reset, but the remaining cooldown time of Skill 3 for all her allied characters is also shortened by 5 seconds. This means her teammates’ powerful attacks become available more quickly.

Ultimate Skill Charge: Whenever Ookuninushi or any of her teammates use an ultimate skill, they are granted a 20% charge towards their ultimate skill. This helps them build up their ultimate skills faster for more frequent and devastating attacks.

Dodge Skill: Predictive Algorithms

How it works: When she uses this skill, she can swiftly dodge the enemy’s attacks, allowing her to avoid taking damage. If Ookuninushi performs an “Extremity Dodge,” which is a particularly skillful dodge, it triggers a special effect called the “Dodge Effect.”

Dodge Effect: When Ookuninushi successfully executes an Extremity Dodge, she enters a state called Zero Time. During this Zero Time, all enemy movements are significantly slowed for 3 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Ookuninushi is a hybrid character in Aether Gazer, capable of dealing devastating damage and providing vital support to her team, Ookuninushi shines with the right sigil sets, functors, Aether Codes, and strategic team formations. By combining the Witch’s Judgment and Nibelungenlied sigil sets, utilizing the Shikigami – Enmusubi functor, and carefully selecting Aether Codes to complement her role, Ookuninushi becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Her unique blend of offensive and support abilities makes her a crucial asset to any team composition, turning the tide of battles in your favor.

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