Darkstar Hel Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Darkstar Hel Guide! In this Aether Gazer guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Darkstar Hel, focusing on team composition, sigils, functors, skills, and aether codes. Darkstar Hel is one of the best AOE damage dealers in the game, and she is pretty easy to use. By understanding the best team setup, choosing the right sigils, utilizing the unique functors, mastering her skills, and selecting suitable aether codes, you can unleash the full potential of Darkstar Hel.

Darkstar Hel Sigil Sets

The combination of Eljudnir and Philosopher’s Fantasies sigil sets is highly recommended for Darkstar Hel. These sets synergize perfectly with her skills, enhancing her overall performance on the battlefield:

Darkstar Hel Sigil Sets

Eljudnir: This sigil set provides the Shadow effect, granting additional shadow damage to Darkstar Hel whenever she casts her skills or ultimate ability. Each skill use grants her a stack of Shadow, lasting for 8 seconds. The duration of Shadow increases by 1.5 seconds with each new stack, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. As the stacks accumulate, Darkstar Hel deals 4% more shadow damage for each stack, significantly increasing her damage output.

Moreover, if Darkstar Hel is hit by an enemy, the effect of Shadow is further boosted by 100% for each stack for 8 seconds. This means that during combat, if she takes damage, her damage potential is significantly increased, making her even more powerful in retaliation.

Philosopher’s Fantasies: This sigil enhances Divine Grace, which is an important mechanic in Darkstar Hel’s kit. Divine Grace plays a crucial role in her skill rotation and resource management. With the Philosopher’s Fantasies set, her skill damage is increased by 10%, making her regular skills and ultimate even more potent.

Additionally, the Philosopher’s Fantasies set grants Darkstar Hel 1 Divine Grace every second, helping her build up Divine Grace faster. This boost in Divine Grace generation allows her to use her strongest skills, such as Skill 3: Execution, more frequently, making her more effective in combat.

Recommended Sigil Sets: Eljudnir 1,3,5 and Philosopher’s Fantasies 2,4,6.

Darkstar Hel Functor

Darkstar Hel Functor

The signature functor “Elf – Muriel” is an excellent choice for Darkstar Hel as it offers two valuable benefits that enhance her performance and resource management during battles:

Reduced Divine Grace Cost

When Darkstar Hel is in her Cannon Tower form and fires Cannon shots using her Skill 3: Execution, the signature functor reduces the Divine Grace cost by 5. Execution is a powerful ability that fires multiple cannon shots in the locked-on direction, dealing significant shadow damage. However, this skill consumes Divine Grace for each shot fired.

By reducing the Divine Grace cost, Darkstar Hel can use her Skill 3 more frequently without depleting her Divine Grace pool quickly. This allows her to maintain her Cannon Tower form for longer periods, providing consistent damage output and control over the battlefield.

Increased Base Damage of Cannon Shots

The signature functor “Elf – Muriel” also boosts the base damage of Darkstar Hel’s cannon shots by 32%. This increase in base damage directly enhances the potency of her Cannon Tower attacks, making them even more devastating to her targets.

With the combination of reduced Divine Grace cost and increased base damage, Darkstar Hel becomes more efficient in dealing shadow damage while in her Cannon Tower form. She can fire more shots before needing to replenish Divine Grace, and each shot packs a more powerful punch, ensuring she remains a formidable threat during prolonged engagements.

Recommended Functor: Elf – Muriel
Recommended Functor F2P: Elf – Thiam

Darkstar Hel Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Hel’s potential. Here are two recommended team formations:

Team 1:

Darkstar Hel Team

Team 2:

Darkstar Hel Build

Team 3:

Darkstar Hel Aether Codes

Aether Codes play a vital role in further enhancing Darkstar Hel’s abilities. There are two builds for her, each optimized for different scenarios:

Darkstar Hel Aether Codes
  • 3 Blue Aether Codes
  • 2 Yellow and 1 Blue Aether Codes
  • 3 Yellow Aether Codes

Understanding Darkstar Hel’s Skills

Darkstar Hel Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

In order to fully utilize Hel’s capabilities, it is essential to grasp the mechanics of her skills. Let’s delve into the specifics of each skill:

Normal Attack: Handgonne Fantasia

  • How it works: She fires a series of shots at the targeted enemy using her special Magic Handgonne. These shots deal shadow damage equal to 280% of her attack power in total.
  • Divine Grace: When her normal attack hits the enemy, she receives Divine Grace.

Skill 1: Nightmare Harvest

  • How it works: She sprays shots from her Magic Handgonne at enemies in front of her. These shots deal shadow damage equal to 350% of her attack power in total.
  • Divine Grace: When her Skill 1 hits the enemies, she receives 10 points of Divine Grace.

Skill 2: Specter Blast

  • How it works: Ganglati transforms into the Magic Cannon and shoots a powerful shot in the direction of the targeted enemy. This shot deals shadow damage equal to 320% of her attack power in total.
  • Divine Grace: When her Skill 2 hits the enemies, she receives 15 points of Divine Grace.

Skill 3: Execution

  • How it works: Ganglati transforms into the Cannon Tower and shoots multiple cannon shots in the direction of the targeted enemy. Each shot deals shadow damage equal to 750% of her attack power in total, but it costs 20 Divine Grace for each shot. Other stats do not affect the Divine Grace cost for the cannon shots.
  • Cannon Tower Form: While in the Cannon Tower form, Hel becomes immune to control effects but cannot move, use skills, or ultimate skills. She can only rotate horizontally to aim at enemies. Additionally, she reduces the damage taken by 20%. For each 1% of her Max HP lost, she also spends 1 Divine Grace.
  • Exiting Cannon Tower Form: Ganglati remains in the Cannon Tower form until her Divine Grace runs out or if you manually exit this form.

Dodge Skill: Aether Cover

  • How it works: When she uses this skill, she can swiftly dodge the enemy’s attacks, allowing her to avoid taking damage. If Hel performs an “Extremity Dodge,” which is a particularly skillful dodge, it triggers a special effect called the “Dodge Effect.”
  • Dodge Effect: When Hel performs an Extremity Dodge, she enters Zero Time, which significantly slows down all enemy movements for 2 seconds. Additionally, she gains 30 Divine Grace.


Darkstar Hel Guide has shown that combining the Eljudnir and Philosopher’s Fantasies sigil sets greatly improves Darkstar Hel’s damage and Divine Grace generation. The signature Functor “Elf – Muriel” also helps her manage resources and deal stronger attacks when in her Cannon Tower form. Building a team that works well with her and using Aether Codes wisely can maximize her potential in different situations. By understanding how her skills work, players can use Darkstar Hel’s abilities effectively, from her regular attacks to her ultimate move, “Judgment From Above.” With this knowledge, Darkstar Hel becomes a powerful and graceful presence in Aether Gazer, leading her team to victory.

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