Fenny Coronet Guide

Welcome to the Fenny Coronet Guide! Fenny Coronet stands out as one of the most skilled shotgun users in the game. She currently holds the title for being the best shotgun unit, primarily due to her exceptional and unparalleled ability to inflict damage. In this guide for the Snowbreak: Containment Zone, we will delve into effective strategies for playing as Fenny Coronet. Our main focus will be on team compositions, weapon choices, logistics, skills, and neuronics.

Fenny Coronet Weapon

Let’s look into which weapons are good for Fenny Coronet; we will cover F2P as well as P2P options:

Sunny Payback

The weapon “Sunny Payback” is the best choice for Fenny Coronet due to its synergy with her skills and playstyle. Here’s why it could be considered the best weapon for her:

Fenny Coronet Weapon

Electrical DMG Increase: Fenny’s main source of damage comes from her electrical energy attacks. The weapon’s ability to increase Electrical DMG by 18% (or 30% at Tier 2) directly complements her skill set, enhancing the damage output of her attacks during both normal gameplay and her Crown of Thorns state.

Extra Pellet Chance: Fenny’s passive skill has a 25% chance to fire an extra pellet with each shot. The “Sunny Payback” weapon’s ability to provide an additional pellet with a 60% chance (or 100% at Tier 2) per shot synergizes well with this passive, increasing the chances of dealing even more damage with each attack.

Crown of Thorns State: During Fenny’s Crown of Thorns state, her Rate of Fire is increased based on her Mercy points. Since the “Sunny Payback” weapon provides a chance to fire extra pellets, this can lead to a higher Mercy accumulation rate and thus a quicker Rate of Fire increase, maximizing the benefits of this state.

Neural Skill Synergy: Fenny’s neural skills also enhance her electrical damage and Mercy accumulation, which align well with the “Sunny Payback” weapon’s additional pellet chance. The increased electrical damage dealt under Crown of Thorns state and the additional Mercy accumulation upon defeating enemies complement the weapon’s attributes.

  • Sunny Payback
  • Discordance
  • Ambergris
  • Malbec

Fenny Coronet Logistics

The Amano-Iwato Squad logistics set seems to be a good choice for Fenny Coronet due to its synergy with her skills and playstyle. Here’s why:

Fenny Coronet Logistics

Increased Ballistic Damage: The 24% increase in Ballistic DMG from the Amano-Iwato Squad set directly boosts the damage output of her standard skill.

Critical Hit Synergy: Fenny has the “Calm Mind I • Deiwos Alignment” passive skill that increases her CRIT Rate and provides additional bonuses based on her Alignment Index. The “Amano-Iwato Squad” set enhances her damage further by providing an additional 10% ADS (Aimed Down Sight) Ballistic DMG increase after a critical hit. Given Fenny’s increased CRIT Rate from her passive, this synergy can lead to more frequent and powerful critical hits, thus improving her damage potential.

Stacking Effect: The set’s stacking mechanic, which increases ADS Ballistic DMG by 10% per stack after a critical hit, can provide up to 50% increased ADS Ballistic DMG at maximum stacks (5 stacks). This effect could be particularly effective when Fenny is consistently landing critical hits, potentially allowing her to deal significantly higher damage during her Crown of Thorns state where she has an increased Rate of Fire.

Skill and Playstyle Synergy: Fenny’s skills encourage her to accumulate Mercy points through successful hits during her Crown of Thorns state. With higher Mercy points, her Rate of Fire increases. The “Amano-Iwato Squad” set’s critical hit and ADS Ballistic DMG bonuses align with Fenny’s playstyle of maintaining high Mercy points and unleashing faster attacks.

Fenny Coronet Build or Manifestation

Farming Fenny Coronet’s pieces in the Personal File mode daily to upgrade her Manifestation to M1, “Stage Experience,” which removes the time limit on her Crown of Thorns state, can offer significant gameplay advantages. Here’s why it’s important:

Fenny Coronet Build

Extended Crown of Thorns State: The primary benefit of upgrading Fenny’s Manifestation to M1 is the removal of the time limit on her Crown of Thorns state. Currently, her Crown of Thorns state has a time-based duration during which she accumulates Mercy points and benefits from increased Rate of Fire. With “Stage Experience” at M1, this time limit is eliminated, allowing Fenny to remain in the state until all her Mercy points are consumed. This extended state duration enhances her sustained damage potential, making her even more effective in battles.

Higher Mercy Points Accumulation: In her Crown of Thorns state, Fenny accumulates Mercy points based on the pellets hitting the target. With the time limit removed, players can take their time to build up a higher number of Mercy points before deciding to unleash a devastating attack. This leads to more pellets hitting the target and more accumulated Mercy points, which in turn results in higher Rate of Fire and overall damage output.

Consistent Damage: The extended Crown of Thorns state ensures a more consistent damage output over an extended period, as opposed to the current time-limited version. This is especially useful in encounters with tougher enemies or bosses, where maintaining consistent damage over a longer duration can be crucial for success.

Fenny Coronet Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Fenny’s potential. Here are the recommended team formations:

Fenny Coronet Team Formation


  • Fenny Coronet
  • Lyfe Wednesday
  • Yao Quiet Quitter

Important Tips

  • It’s recommended to use Lyfe Wednesday on your team with Frigatebird weapon. This is because when Lyfe uses her support skill, the deployed operative will gain a bonus ATK equal to 13.2% (22% at Tier 5) of the user’s ATK for 15 seconds.
  • Consider using Twilight Squad Logistic sets on Lyfe Wednesday. This set decreases enemies’ resistance to Electrical DMG by 16%, allowing Fenny to deal even more damage.
  • It’s recommended to use the Moira Squad or Xinye Squad logistics set on Yao Quiet Quitter. If you need more healing, then go with the Moira Squad. However, if you need Fenny to use her ultimate more often to deal more damage, then go with the Xinye Squad.

Alterative Team Composition

Now let’s discuss alternative team compositions:

Nita Hands: The best alternative for Lyfe.

  • Lapiz Lazuli is her Best in Slot (BiS) weapon for support, as it shares the same passive as Frigatebird.
  • Her support skill provides your main character with a shield and functions similarly to SR Fenny’s ability, teleporting them up close within shotgun range. This essentially grants your SSR Fenny an SR Fenny ability.
  • There are two logistics options you can use for her: Xinye for the damage buff or Koffman for increased shield strength. When it comes to stats, focus on Attack Percentage (Atk%).
  • The only Neuronics you need to unlock are the two middle rows.

Siris The Goldfish: The next best alternative as a shielder.

  • Weapons are the same as Nita’s.
  • As a shielder, her kit revolves around shields. Unlike Nita’s, her kit lacks teleportation, but it features a debuff that slows enemies within a certain radius. Additionally, her ultimate ability provides healing.
  • The logistics are also the same, but with the caveat that you should prioritize stats such as Health Percentage (HP%) and Skill Recovery (S-recovery). This is due to her skills scaling off her HP and the fact that her support cooldown and cost are twice that of Nita’s.
  • Neuronics primarily focus on her ultimate ability and support skills.

Chenxing SR: The best alternative to Yao.

  • Use Strawberry shortcake or Old Alley Cat
  • Logistics-wise, you can choose between Xinye or Moira. As for stats, prioritize Health Percentage (HP%), Attack Percentage (Atk%), and Skill Recovery (S-recovery).
  • Neuronics involve just the two middle.
  • Chenxing can serve as your long-range subDPS if the need arises.

Thanks to u/serabii for providing these useful alternative team compositions.

Fenny Coronet Neuronics

Fenny Coronet Neuronics

Neuronics play a pivotal role in enhancing Fenny’s standard, support, and ultimate skills. To optimize her combat capabilities, prioritize the following upgrade order:

  • Optimal Condition – Cluster 1
  • Optimal Condition – Cluster 2
  • Center Stage – Cluster 1
  • Center Stage – Cluster 2
  • The Chosen – Cluster 1
  • The Chosen – Cluster 2

Final Thoughts

Fenny Coronet’s potential in Snowbreak: Containment Zone demands a keen understanding of her distinct playstyle. The “Sunny Payback” shotgun emerges as the ultimate weapon choice, effortlessly amplifying her electrical prowess. Pairing her with the Amano-Iwato Squad logistics set proves paramount, synergizing her skills for precise, critical devastation. Elevating her Manifestation to M1, “Stage Experience,” liberates her Crown of Thorns state, yielding sustained damage against any odds. Crafting a formidable team composition, with allies like Lyfe Wednesday and Yao Quiet Quitter, further cements her dominance. By expertly managing neuronics upgrades, Fenny Coronet ascends to unparalleled heights, reigning supreme as the embodiment of shotgun supremacy.

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