Yao Winter Solstice Guide

Welcome to the Yao Winter Solstice Guide! Among all the units in the game, Yao Winter Solstice stands out as one of the highest damage dealers. Currently, she holds the title of the best sniper unit, primarily due to her exceptional and unparalleled damage-dealing capabilities. In this Snowbreak: Containment Zone guide, we will explore how to effectively play as Yao Winter Solstice. We’ll focus on team compositions, weapons, logistics, skills, and neuronics.

Yao Winter Solstice Weapon

Let’s look into which weapons are good for Yao Winter Solstice; we will cover F2P as well as P2P options:

Space Cowboy: Your Ultimate Choice

The weapon “Space Cowboy” is considered the best choice for Yao Winter Solstice due to its exceptional synergy with her skills and playstyle, enhancing her effectiveness in combat in several key ways:

Yao Winter Solstice Weapon

Thermal DMG Bonus: Yao Winter Solstice relies heavily on dealing Thermal Damage (Thermal DMG) through her skills. The “Space Cowboy” weapon provides a substantial increase of 18% to Thermal DMG, which can be further upgraded to a maximum of 30% at Tier 2. This boost significantly augments the damage output of Yao’s Thermal DMG-based skills, making her a formidable force against enemies vulnerable to thermal attacks.

Ballistic DMG Amplification: One of Yao’s core skills, “Scorching Sun Awakening,” involves tactical reloads and precise shots. The “Space Cowboy” weapon offers a remarkable advantage by granting a bonus to Ballistic DMG (physical bullet damage) for the next shot after reloading. This bonus can be enhanced to an impressive 60% increase, further scaling to a maximum of 100% at Tier 2. Given Yao’s reliance on tactical reloads and accurate shots, this bonus exponentially boosts the damage potential of her subsequent shots, allowing her to deal devastating blows to her targets.

Complete Skill Synergy: Yao’s skillset revolves around Thermal DMG, tactical reloads, and precise targeting. The “Space Cowboy” weapon complements these mechanics perfectly, providing both Thermal DMG enhancement and Ballistic DMG amplification, aligning precisely with her gameplay style. This synergy ensures that Yao can consistently deliver powerful attacks while capitalizing on her skill rotation.

  • Space Cowboy
  • Infernal Decade
  • Site of Racket
  • Mulberry

Yao Winter Solstice Logistics

The logistic set “Amano-Iwato Squad” is the optimal choice for Yao Winter Solstice due to its remarkable compatibility with her skills and playstyle, effectively enhancing her combat capabilities in the following ways:

Yao Winter Solstice Logistic Sets

Ballistic DMG Enhancement: Yao Winter Solstice employs Ballistic DMG (physical bullet damage) as a significant aspect of her skillset. The “Amano-Iwato Squad” logistic set provides a substantial 24% increase in Ballistic DMG. This bonus directly bolsters the damage output of Yao’s attacks that rely on Ballistic DMG, enhancing her overall effectiveness in combat.

Critical Hit Synergy: Yao’s skillset involves precise aiming and tactical reloads, making her prone to landing critical hits. The “Amano-Iwato Squad” set offers an exceptional advantage by granting an additional effect: after landing a critical hit, the set increases Aim Down Sights (ADS) Ballistic DMG by 10%. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Given Yao’s reliance on critical hits, this stacking mechanism allows her to steadily amplify her ADS Ballistic DMG, resulting in even more potent shots.

Perfect Skill Alignment: Yao’s skills and combat approach align perfectly with the “Amano-Iwato Squad” set’s enhancements. Her reliance on Ballistic DMG and critical hits is fully supported by the set’s bonuses, ensuring that she can consistently deal substantial damage during battles.

Yao Winter Solstice Build or Manifestation

Yao Winter Solstice Build

Yao’s M1 manifestation, “Sleepless Day,” is a game-changing upgrade. This enhancement allows her Solar Sun Awakening to reload the New – Solar Storm weapon with Scorching Sun Bullets during the Solar Flare state. To fully utilize this power, it’s recommended to diligently farm her pieces in the Personal File mode every day.

Yao Winter Solstice Team Formation

Building a synergistic team is crucial for maximizing Yao’s potential. Here are the recommended team formations:

Yao Winter Solstice Team Formation

Thermal Team

  • Yao Winter Solstice
  • Fritia Little Sunshine
  • Enya Big Sis

Balanced Team 1

  • Yao Winter Solstice
  • Enya Big Sis
  • Yao Quiet Quitter

Balanced Team 2

  • Yao Winter Solstice
  • Fritia Little Sunshine
  • Yao Quiet Quitter

Yao Winter Solstice Neuronics

Yao Winter Solstice Team Neuronics

Neuronics play a pivotal role in enhancing Yao Winter Solstice’s standard, support, and ultimate skills. To optimize her combat capabilities, prioritize the following upgrade order:

  • Scorching Sun Awakening – Cluster 1
  • Scorching Sun Awakening – Cluster 2
  • Searing Resurrection – Cluster 1
  • Searing Resurrection – Cluster 2
  • Obsidian Core Impact – Cluster 1
  • Obsidian Core Impact – Cluster 2

Bonus Tips

  • If you are using Fritia Little Sunshine on your team, be sure to equip the Strawberry Shortcake weapon. This is because when Fritia utilizes her support skill, the deployed operative will gain a bonus ATK equal to 13.2% (22% at Tier 5) of the user’s ATK for 15 seconds.
  • Similarly, if you have Enya Big Sis in your team, ensure that you equip the Prismatic Igniter weapon. This is important because when Enya activates her support skill, the deployed operative will receive a bonus ATK equal to 13.2% (22% at Tier 5) of the user’s ATK for 15 seconds.
  • Consider utilizing Twilight Squad Logistic sets on either Fritia or Enya. This set decreases enemies’ resistance to Thermal DMG by 16%, allowing Yao to deal even more damage.


Yao Winter Solstice shines as a premier damage dealer in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. The “Space Cowboy” weapon synergizes seamlessly with her skills, elevating her thermal and ballistic damage to unparalleled heights. The “Amano-Iwato Squad” logistic set complements her playstyle with ballistic damage enhancement and critical hit synergy. Her M1 manifestation, “Sleepless Day,” grants a game-changing reload ability. Prioritizing Neuronics upgrades optimizes her standard, support, and ultimate skills. With optimal gear and strategic prowess, Yao Winter Solstice claims her place as a legendary force in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, dominating foes with precision and power.

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