Tower of God: New World Guide and Tips for Beginners

Tower of God: New World is an engaging idle RPG game that offers players the opportunity to play with hundreds of heroes across five factions. As a new player, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics and features to avoid common mistakes and progress faster in your journey. In this Tower of God New World Guide, we’ll walk you through the various aspects of the game, including daily quests, game currencies, equipment management, shinsu links, the arena, team formation, expeditions, and spending suspendium wisely. Let’s dive in and discover how to become a formidable player in Tower of God: New World!

Importance of Daily Quests

Tower of God New World Daily Mission

Daily quests play a crucial role in your progress within Tower of God: New World. Engaging in these quests daily not only rewards you with valuable items and resources but also helps you advance in the game steadily. Make sure to utilize the offline rewards even when you’re not actively playing, as they can be used to purchase upgrades that boost your overall progression. Completing daily quests and challenges should be a priority, as they are essential for reaching the end game and obtaining bonus rewards for consistent log-ins.

Game Currencies

Tower of God New World Game Currencies

Understanding the different types of currencies in the game is vital to your success. The primary currency in Tower of God: New World is Suspendium, and it’s essential to use it wisely. You can acquire Suspendium through various means, such as log-in rewards, missions, achievements, events, and compensation emails. Consider using Suspendium to summon heroes, a crucial element in building a powerful team.

Additionally, there are other significant currencies:

  • Coin: Used for leveling up characters and enhancing gears.
  • Link EXP: Experience points for upgrading a Shinsu link.
  • Shinsu: Required for reaching certain Shinsu link levels.
  • Soul Crystal: Used for limit breaking Shinsu links and can be obtained by summoning heroes.

Tower of God: Gears

Tower of God New World Gears

Proper equipment management is essential in Tower of God: New World. Pay close attention to the rarity and attributes of the equipment you acquire. While the game offers an auto-equip option, it’s better to inspect equipment attributes before using them to ensure your characters are equipped with the best gear possible. This practice significantly impacts your performance, especially in the mid and end game stages.

Tower of God New World Shinsu Link

Shinsu Link create bonds between teammates and can be level-broken using soul stones. This process enhances the link’s rank, maximum growth level, and stats. There are five links in total, starting from the lowest level, E. Leveling up a slot requires Coins and Link EXP, with certain levels needing Shinsu items. This feature sets Tower of God: New World apart from other idle RPGs and provides a unique gameplay experience.

Tower of God: Arena

Tower of God New World Arena

Participating in the Arena battles is a daily opportunity for players. In the beginning, focus on improving your team before spending Arena tickets. As the season nears its end, utilize the saved tickets to upgrade your team and avoid tough opponents with a beginner lineup. Following this strategy will give you a better chance of winning battles and advancing further in the game.

Team Formation

Tower of God New World Team Formation

To create a strong starting team, use a balanced formation. Place a tank in the front-line to absorb damage and protect the team, two damage dealers in the middle to deal significant damage, and two healers in the back-line to provide consistent healing support. This setup ensures the team’s survival and allows them to overcome even stronger enemies with the support of healers.

Don’t Skip Expedition

Tower of God New World Expedition

Expeditions offer various quests, including Conquest Mode, Mock Battle Facilities, Arena, and Trial Arena. Undertaking these quests is highly recommended, as they provide valuable in-game rewards that strengthen your heroes over time. Conquest Mode, in particular, grants essential resources for leveling up your heroes, contributing significantly to your long-term success.

Where Should You Spend Suspendium?

Tower of God New World Guide and Tips for Beginners

Suspendium is a precious currency in Tower of God: New World, and its strategic use is paramount. One of the best ways to spend Suspendium is by summoning new heroes for 3000 Gems. Expanding your roster with additional heroes allows you to limit break and upgrade your team, accelerating your progress in the game. Prioritize hero summons to broaden your arsenal and unlock greater potential.

Final Thoughts

Tower of God: New World is an immersive idle RPG game that offers exciting gameplay experiences to players. By following this beginner’s guide and mastering daily quests, managing game currencies, optimizing equipment, and strategizing with shinsu links, the arena, and team formation, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Embrace expeditions for valuable rewards and spend suspendium wisely to summon new heroes and expand your roster. Regardless of your spending preferences, focusing on Shop Heroes is a smart choice that benefits all players. Now, gear up, assemble your team, and embark on an epic journey in Tower of God: New World!

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