Outerplane Beginners Guide

Welcome to the Outerplane Beginners Guide! In this Outerplane guide, I will provide you with valuable information and tips to help you progress faster in the game. As a beginner, it’s essential to understand the different types of summoning banners, learn how to upgrade your characters effectively, and make wise use of the game currencies. I will also guide you through the mission and reward system, explain elemental advantages, offer team building advice for the early game, highlight challenge modes for valuable resources, delve into combat mechanics, and provide recommendations on the best use of Ether, the premium currency. By following the strategies and insights shared in this guide, I hope to empower you to make informed decisions and progress efficiently in Outerplane.

Types of Summoning Banners

Outerplane Banners

In Outerplane, like in many gacha games, the summoning system aims to provide players with new and powerful heroes to recruit for their teams for a strong start. The availability of these heroes varies depending on the type of summoning banner. For new players, the main banners they will encounter are:

Infinite Recruitment Banner

This particular recruitment banner serves the purpose of summoning heroes with a rarity of 1-3 Stars continuously at the beginning of the game. It’s an excellent system designed to give players a strong start. New players are required to summon from this banner, and they have the delightful opportunity to summon 10 heroes endlessly until they obtain a set of 10 heroes they’re satisfied with. Each 10-summon guarantees the player a 3-Star hero. The banner offers a limited selection of heroes that can be summoned. When summoning from this banner, players can only receive one 3-Star hero per set of 10 summons.

The available options for 3-Star heroes include Laplace, Maxwell, Alice, Noa, and Eliza. I highly recommend selecting Noa as she is one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game. Noa excels in both PVE and PVP from the early stages to the end game. She is an essential unit to have in your team.

Rate-Up Recruit Banners

This recruitment banner specializes in summoning heroes with a rarity of 1-3 stars. If players manage to summon a 3-star hero, the featured hero will have a higher chance of being summoned. To ensure fairness, there is a pity system in place for the rate-up 3-star hero, which activates after 200 summons. This pity system is in the form of mileage, although it’s important to note that mileage does not carry over between banners. However, at the end of the banner, players will receive the remaining mileage as Star’s Memory, so it’s advisable to summon 20 times to acquire 150 pieces of the featured character.

In this particular banner, you have the option to choose between two featured characters: Rin and Valentine. I highly recommend selecting Valentine as she is another essential unit in the game. She performs exceptionally well in both PVE and PVP from the early stages to the end game.

Normal Recruit Banner

The normal recruitment banner is designed for summoning heroes with a rarity of 1-3 stars. This banner encompasses all the 3-star heroes available in the game, including Rin and Valentine from the Rate-Up Recruit Banner. However, unlike the Rate-Up Recruit Banner, the chance of acquiring any 3-star hero is the same across the board. The mileage pity system is also applicable to this recruitment banner. Interestingly, the mileage points earned from both the Rate-Up Recruit Banner and the normal recruitment banner are interconnected. When the Rate-Up Recruit Banner comes to an end, players will receive the remaining mileage as Star’s Memory. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize your 200 mileage points before the Rate-Up Recruit Banner concludes, as they will expire along with it.

Upgrade Characters

Outerplane upgrade noa

Outerplane has a lot of strategic elements. However, no matter what plan you use, it won’t work if your heroes are weak and easily defeated. That’s why it’s important to make them stronger so you can progress more effectively and save time and resources. To access your heroes, click on the Heroes icon at the bottom right of the main menu.

In this part of the game, you will discover various ways to enhance your hero’s abilities. Here is a simple explanation of all the systems in Outerplane that help you strengthen your heroes:

Level Up Heroes: Leveling up is one of the most effective ways to boost the strength of your heroes in Outerplane. When you level up, your hero’s base stats such as Attack, Defense, and Health increase, benefiting their overall power. Just like in other RPG games, you can level up your heroes by taking them into battles and earning experience points. Additionally, players can also engage in the Bandit Chase Dungeon, which can be farmed twice daily, to acquire valuable experience materials. These materials can be directly fed to your heroes to quickly raise their levels.

Transcend Heroes: Transcending heroes is a method for increasing their Star level, which greatly enhances their base stats. To transcend a hero in Outerplane, players need to collect fragments of the same hero. It takes 150 fragments to complete one transcend from 3 to 4 Stars. However, a single duplicate summon of the hero only provides 50 fragments for a 5-star character. Therefore, players will need multiple duplicate summons of a hero to gather enough fragments to transcend them. Additionally, players can also obtain fragments by farming Side Story. It’s important to note that you can only enter the side story 10 times per day, so I recommend farming pieces of Noa and Dolly.

Upgrade Skills: The skills of all heroes in Outerplane can also be upgraded to increase their damage multipliers and enhance their overall usefulness. Hero skills can be improved based on the hero’s current level. To upgrade the skills of heroes, players will need Skill Manuals and Gold as resources.

Upgrade Gears: Enhancing the hero’s gear sets is the main way to significantly increase the overall strength of your heroes in Outerplane. This enhancement process greatly boosts the hero’s power ratings. Think of these gear sets as similar to equipment sets in other games, where equipping a certain number of gears from the same set grants specific skills to your heroes. For instance, let’s take the Attack Set as an example. If players equip four gears from the Attack Set, heroes will gain a flat 30% increase in Attack, in addition to the stats provided by the individual gear pieces themselves. These gear sets play a crucial role in enhancing your heroes’ abilities and maximizing their power.

Game Currencies

Outerplane Beginners Guide

Just like understanding how to fight in battles is important, knowing about different types of currencies is crucial to avoid wasting them. These currencies are known as the “major” currencies and using them wisely will help you progress faster. In this beginner guide, we’ll explain these currencies in a detailed and simple way so new players can easily understand. If you’re already experienced with similar games, you can skip this section and move on. You can find the major currencies in the middle of the main menu, and they are as follows:

Gold: Gold is one of the main currencies in Outerplane. It is mainly used for upgrading heroes and enhancing gear. When it comes to gear upgrades, gold is essential for taking your equipment to higher levels. Likewise, gold is also needed to increase the levels and upgrade the skills of your heroes. To acquire gold, players can participate in the Bounty Hunter Dungeon, which can be looted twice daily. The amount of gold obtained depends on the floor level of the dungeon, with higher floors yielding greater rewards. It’s important to note that gold is consumed in larger quantities as gear enhancement becomes more significant.

Stamina: Stamina is a crucial currency in Outerplane as it is used to participate in various game content. All PvE activities require a certain amount of stamina to be able to play. Stamina can be both a boon and a hindrance to player progression. Sufficient stamina allows for significant advancement, while a lack of stamina can impede progress. Stamina gradually replenishes over time as an AFK currency. However, players also have the option to purchase additional stamina using Ether. Initially, players can buy 60 stamina for 30 Ether, with a maximum limit of three purchases. Subsequently, the cost increases to 60 Ether for 60 stamina and beyond. I highly recommend utilizing Ether to buy stamina three times. Moreover, players can acquire 30 stamina by spending 50 friendship points or 50 stamina by utilizing 15 arena points.

Ether: Ether serves as the premium currency in Outerplane, and it’s crucial to spend it wisely and cautiously. There are two types of Ethers available: Free Ether and Paid Ether. Free Ether can be acquired through various means such as log-in rewards, pre-registration rewards, daily and weekly missions, achievements, first-time story clear rewards, in-game events, and compensation emails from the developers. On the other hand, Paid Ether can only be obtained by purchasing packs through microtransactions. It’s important to note that Free Ether should always be used first before utilizing Paid Ether. Ether is primarily used for summoning heroes from the Rate-Up Recruitment Banner and the Normal Recruitment Banner.

Complete Missions

Outerplane missions

Missions are a reliable way for players to earn rewards every day and week. Daily Missions and Weekly Missions offer guaranteed rewards that all players should aim to complete. Skipping these missions is not recommended. Daily Missions are simple and easy tasks that require little effort to finish. By completing them, you can earn a good amount of resources. These missions are designed to be easily doable every day, providing a steady stream of resources to support your progress in the game. Even as the game gets more challenging, you can depend on Daily Missions to keep earning resources without much trouble. Pay attention to these missions and make sure to complete them regularly to ensure a constant supply of valuable resources for your gameplay needs.

Elemental Advantage

Outerplane elemental advantage

All heroes and enemies in the game belong to one of five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. The damage inflicted in battles varies depending on the elemental alignment of both the heroes and their targets (enemies). Deploying heroes with an elemental advantage over enemies grants an additional 20% damage boost. For example, if the enemy is of the Fire element, using Water element heroes will give you an advantage. Conversely, if heroes have an elemental disadvantage, they will deal less damage. For instance, if the enemy is of the Water element and the hero is of the Fire element, the hero will inflict reduced damage due to the elemental disadvantage.

Early Game Team Building

Outerplane team building

I hope you managed to obtain Noa from the Infinite Recruitment Banner. If not, you might consider re-rolling, although the decision is ultimately yours. A well-rounded team typically consists of one defender, one damage dealer, one support (such as a buffer), and one healer. Tio is considered one of the best healers and cleansers in the game, and fortunately, you can acquire her for free. For the damage dealer role, Noa is an excellent choice. As for the buffer/support, Valentine fits the role perfectly. However, Veronica, who is a good defender, might be challenging to obtain. In her place, you can use another support/debuffer like Dolly. Your team composition should consist of Noa, Valentine, Tio, and Dolly, as this combination will greatly aid your progress in the game, particularly in story mode.

While Rhona might appear tempting to build, it’s not worth investing in her early on, as she requires exceptionally powerful equipment to truly shine. Therefore, it is not recommended to focus on building her during the early stages of the game.

Challenge Mode

Outerplane bandit chase

There are three valuable dungeons: Bounty Hunter, Bandit Chase, and Upgrade Stone Retrieval. These dungeons provide Gold, Food, and Upgrade Stones respectively. It’s important not to miss them, and you can participate in each dungeon twice per day. These resources are difficult to obtain, so it’s crucial to complete these dungeons daily. Running out of these resources can significantly impede your progress in the Outerplane. Additionally, don’t forget to tackle the Skyward Tower before it resets. Strive to reach the highest possible level in the tower to unlock greater rewards and advance further in the game.

How Combat System Works in Outerplane?

Outerplane combat system

Outerplane stands out as an exceptional strategic turn-based game, offering players a captivating experience through its smooth combat animations, impressive particle effects, and engaging mechanics. These elements combine to provide players with a strong sense of control and competitiveness. The excitement is further amplified when players summon their favorite heroes and put them to the test in battles. However, to maximize the chances of victory in PvE content and surpass other players in PvP content, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the game’s complex mechanics.

Starting with the basics, players must form a team of four unique heroes in their formation before the match begins. It is important to carefully assess the enemies they will be facing and select heroes who can effectively counter them. In Outerplane, the classic elemental system is present, where each hero is assigned an element. Elements interact in a rock-paper-scissors manner, with certain elements being stronger or weaker against others. Light and Dark elements, however, remain neutral against Fire, Water, and Earth elements but exhibit strengths and weaknesses against each other.

One of the most notable features of Outerplane’s combat system is the skill gauge points, which are earned by heroes based on their specific abilities. For example, Defender heroes accumulate gauge points when they are targeted by enemies, while Marksmen earn points by successfully hitting enemies. Healers gain gauge points when healing allies, and Mages acquire points by utilizing their Burst skills. These gauge points play a crucial role in unleashing powerful Chain Skills, which involve a sequence of attacks initiated by one hero and concluded by another. The execution of Chain Skills often results in the enemy entering a Break state, rendering them immobile and vulnerable to increased damage from all sources.

Base Building

outerplane base building

It’s important to use all of your Antimatter to enhance the Combat Calculation Module to 3/3 first, and then the Antiparticle Generator Facility. This will allow you to earn more Antimatter, which, in turn, enables you to upgrade the rest of the facilities faster. Additionally, you will earn more “clear tickets,” which are essential to use in Bounty Hunter, Bandit Chase, and Stone dungeons. When you use a clear ticket, you earn an extra 20% in rewards. It’s also advisable to avoid crafting gears in the early game, as you will have enough 5-star gears from the story mode and other missions.

Where should you spend Ether?

You will receive a substantial amount of Ether when you begin your journey in Outerplane, thanks to the rewards from pre-registration and the global launch. I highly recommend that you utilize your Ether by participating in the Rate-Up Recruitment Banner Valentine. Valentine is an essential character throughout the game, whether in story mode or end game dungeons, due to her exceptional versatility. She excels in PvP battles as well, thanks to her ultimate ability, which reduces priority, and her passive skill, which increases priority. Priority, similar to Attack Bar or Mana in other turn-based games, is crucial for gaining the advantage of going first in the Arena. Furthermore, Valentine possesses the highest base speed among all the characters in the game. The decision between Rin and Valentine is not really a choice at all – obtaining Valentine is a must.

Bonus Tips

  • Resetting the bounty hunter, stones, and bandit chase early on using ether is acceptable. In fact, I still reset the gold ones because acquiring gold in this game is truly challenging. It’s advisable to aim for the highest level possible on your first day since you can only reset twice.
  • Achieving platinum rank in the arena becomes easier when you have Noa+Valentine, as most opponents there are bots. However, once you reach Platinum, facing real player defenses makes it difficult to gather arena points for purchasing resources. I suggest placing low-level heroes in your arena defense since there’s a high likelihood of low-level players attacking you as well. Winning a revenge match grants 20 arena points and the battles are slightly easier. Some players follow the same strategy, so if you can revenge each other, it becomes mutually beneficial for farming points.
  • Prioritize obtaining speed gears, as speed always reigns supreme in turn-based games. Speed sets are universally applicable, allowing anyone to utilize them. Focus on farming Glicys for a speed necklace and Chimera for speed armors.
  • Give Tio’s exclusive equipment precedence. Her EE provides a priority boost when she casts S2. This method enables you to outspeed Valentine in arena defense, ensuring victory even with a slower team. For instance, when the enemy Valentine uses S2+S3, Tio pushes your team, and your Valentine intervenes to push your Noa with S1.
  • I successfully completed all content primarily utilizing Noa, Valentine, Dolly, Tio, and Faenan. I can confidently recommend maxing out the skills of the first four heroes, as they are more than sufficient for clearing everything up to floor 100. Faenan is occasionally employed to counter debuffs with immunity, but in most lengthy boss battles, Dolly shines due to debuff-related advantages.
  • Concentrate on acquiring chain link accessories, especially those that grant chain points on critical hits. You’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of a four-team crit chain. If you’re fast enough, you can sometimes permanently break bosses. Keep in mind that Noa’s S1+S2 yields double chain points when she crits, just like dual attacks and chain combos. By combining all these chain crits, bosses will enter a state of rage break faster than you can imagine.

Bonus Tips credits goes to: Yemen241

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Outerplane Beginners Guide. Throughout this guide, I have shared my knowledge and provided you with valuable tips to enhance your understanding and gameplay in Outerplane. By focusing on the different summoning banners, upgrading your characters strategically, managing game currencies effectively, completing missions for rewarding resources, utilizing elemental advantages, building a strong team in the early game, tackling challenge modes for valuable loot, mastering combat mechanics, and making wise use of Ether, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in Outerplane. Remember that practice and experimentation are key to discovering your own playstyle and achieving success. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your adventure in the captivating world of Outerplane!

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