LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth Farming Guide

When starting a new game, it’s crucial to prioritize the right characters to farm for optimal progress. In this LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Farming Guide, we’ll focus on the best free-to-play characters that will set you on the right path in LotR Heroes of Middle Earth. These characters excel in helping you navigate through the game’s early stages, making it easier for you to progress. Whether you’re looking to conquer the Light or Shadow campaigns, complete daily challenges, or enhance your adventure mode experience, these characters will prove valuable. Let’s dive into LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Farming Guide and explore the top 5 Light Side and 5 Shadow characters worth farming early on.

Light Characters:

1. Strider


Strider is a versatile human character who deals damage and offers utility. His basic attacks can apply burning to enemies, and his area-of-effect ability hits all opponents. Strider’s well-rounded abilities make him a great asset from the beginning, and you’ll naturally acquire more shards for him as you progress through daily activities.

2. Lady Éowyn

LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth  Farming Guide

Lady Éowyn is one of the earliest characters you obtain, Lady Eowyn shines with her cleansing abilities, removing debuffs from your team while dealing increased damage. She empowers your entire squad with offensive buffs and possesses a unique counter-attack mechanic, making her a valuable asset in adventure mode and daily challenges.

3. Pippin Took

Pippin Took

Pippin Took is a hobbit support character with healing and cleansing capabilities. His basic ability can dispel buffs from enemies, and his signature ability, Old Maggot’s Mushroom, heals the entire team. Pippin’s chance to cleanse debuffs on his turn ensures your team remains in good shape, enhancing their survivability.

4. Éothain


Éothain is a reliable tank option for early game content. With abilities like Exposed, which reduces enemy armor, and Sentinel’s Stand, which provokes enemies to attack him, the Spirit of Rohan can draw attention away from your team. He also grants counter-attacks to himself and the entire team, making him a strong presence in battles.

5. Éomer


Éomer is a Rohan attacker who synergizes well with Lady Eowyn. He can summon a Rohan attacker and call Rohan allies to assist, increasing your team’s damage output. Umer’s cleansing ability, multi-attacks, and synergy with Lady Éowyn make him a versatile choice. He also fulfills the human requirement for daily challenges.

Shadow Characters:

1. Ghâzh Ironhide

Invest time in farming Ghâzh Ironhide through the guild campaign, as his versatile nature rewards the effort. Tagged as a tank, Ghâzh Ironhide surprises with substantial damage. His attacks deal additional damage to weakened enemies, while reducing the spell power of all enemies. With increased armor and health through his unique ability, Ghâzh Ironhide is a formidable force and an important character for LOTR Heroes of Middle Earth Farming Guide.

2. Uglúk


Uglúk is a valuable asset in shadow campaigns due to his control abilities. As part of an Isengard Squad, Uglook’s bane debuffs heal your entire team, improving their survivability. He can taunt enemies, apply blindness, and inflict weak-minded on enemies when blocking, giving you better control over the battle.

3. Mauhúr


Mauhúr synergizes exceptionally well with Uglúk and other Isengard Squad members. Early farming opportunities for Mauhúr can be found in Light Side campaign 1-2. Mauhúr’s attacks deal significant damage, heal himself, and increase his critical chance. His ability to call Uglúk for assistance and cleanse bane debuffs makes him a solid choice.

4. Núrraz

Núrraz is obtainable in Light Side campaign 2-5 hard mode, adds dynamism to battles with his summoning capabilities. He weakens enemies with his basic ability and can cleanse bane debuffs from himself and allies. Núrraz grants defensive buffs to the team and has the ability to summon a troll Stone Breaker, enhancing team synergy and control on the battlefield.

5. Dûnhar


Dûnhar is ideal for daily challenges. His abilities focus on inflicting bleed on enemies, increasing damage based on their maximum health. With his healing ability, Dunhar can restore the most wounded squad member and inflict weaken on enemies, providing better control and sustained healing. His unique ability, burning drought, increases his max health, amplifying the potency of his healing.

Final Thoughts

By follwing LotR Heroes of Middle Earth Farming Guide and strategically farming these 10 characters in LotR Heroes of Middle-earth, you’ll secure a formidable team from the very beginning. Strider, Lady Éowyn, Pippin Took, Éothain, and Éomer provide a solid foundation for the Light Side, each contributing unique strengths to your team. Meanwhile, Ghâzh Ironhide, Uglúk, Mauhúr, Núrraz, and Dûnhar bring their expertise to the Shadow Side, granting control, damage, healing, and strategic synergy. With this diverse and powerful roster, you’ll navigate through the game’s challenges, conquer campaigns, and emerge victorious in your quest through LotR Heroes of Middle-earth.

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