Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide and Tips

Idle Fantasia is an RPG game developed by Sola Game. It is set in the imaginative Land of Eileen world, featuring multiple chapters and regions. To progress through the game, you must complete stages by overcoming challenges and battling enemies and bosses. In this Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide, we provide a detailed walkthrough of the game, explaining the basics along with additional tips and tricks.

Basics of Idle Fantasia

Here are the basic principles and key information you should grasp in a clear and accessible manner before diving into the game:

1. Hero

Idle Fantasia Hero

In Idle Fantasia, heroes play a crucial role in overcoming challenges. Heroes are categorized into four grades: R, SR, SSR, and UR, with UR being the highest. You can obtain heroes through Summoning in City using Advanced Summon Tickets. There are five factions available for heroes: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. Additionally, heroes have different classes with unique roles. Warriors protect allies, mages and assassins deal high damage, and supports provide healing and buffs.

2. Chapters

Idle Fantasia Chapters

Idle Fantasia is a game with the largest number of chapters, offering around 44 available chapters for players to complete. Each chapter consists of 30 stages that need to be cleared to progress to the next chapter. It’s worth noting that every fifth stage within a chapter typically presents a stronger enemy as a boss, so it’s essential to strengthen your team to overcome these challenges.

3. Team

Idle Fantasia Team

Before taking on the Boss in the Campaign section, it’s important to build your team. The team includes 5 heroes that can be deployed, a goddess, and an unlockable Helper once you reach level 60. Your team is divided into two lines: the front and the rear. The front line usually has two heroes, such as warriors or assassins, who specialize in close combat. The rear line is typically composed of mage, support classes, or even additional assassins.

4. Battle Mechanism

Idle Fantasia Battle Mechanism

The battle mechanism in this game is relatively easy. You simply need to control the skills of the characters you deploy in your team. To use a character’s skill, their skill bar must be fully charged by attacking the enemy. Similarly, the goddess also has a skill bar that automatically activates when filled. Alternatively, you can utilize the auto feature, where skills are automatically used in the order they become available after the skill bar is filled.

Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some invaluable tips for Idle Fantasia Guide to give you newbies a head start on your epic journey:

Importance of Hero Upgrade in Idle Fantasia

As mentioned earlier, having a strong hero is crucial for completing each stage with ease. We recommend upgrading the hero you are using to Level 80. Once you reach specific levels, the upgrade option will change to Ascend. Ascending is highly impactful as it unlocks previously locked skills and significantly increases the hero’s combat power. Ascending a hero requires an ascension stone.

Importance of Hero Upgrade in Idle Fantasia

You can equip gear on each hero by tapping on Quick Equip, and the gear will be automatically used. Weapons and Accessories increase ATK stats, while Armor and Hats increase HP stats. Additionally, you can Promote heroes to enhance their ATK and HP growth, but you’ll need a clone of the hero for this upgrade. It is advisable to focus on the hero you want to use and build your best team before upgrading, as this will help you save resources.

Idle Fantasia: Factional Advantage

In Idle Fantasia, there are 5 factions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Heroes gain a 10% damage bonus if they have a factional advantage over the enemy. Conversely, if your hero has a disadvantage against the enemy, they will deal 10% less damage.

Idle Fantasia: Factional Advantage

In Idle Fantasia, the factions have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Fire has an advantage over Wind, Wind has an advantage over Water, and Water has an advantage over Fire. These three factions form a triangular advantage cycle. On the other hand, the Light and Dark factions are unrelated to the elemental triangle but are opposite to each other. It is important to consider factional matchups when strategizing and selecting heroes for battles in the game.

Idle Fantasia: Forging Equipments

Idle Fantasia: Forging Equipments

In Idle Fantasia, you can make your hero stronger by forging their gear in the City’s forge. By fusing your gear, you can increase its grade and boost your hero’s combat power. This is a crucial step in improving your hero’s abilities, so don’t forget to visit the forge regularly. Keep forging and upgrading your gear to make your hero the strongest they can be!

Idle Fantasia: Knight Emblems Importance

Idle Fantasia: Knight Emblems Importance

The Knight Emblem is a crucial element in the Idle Fantasia game that can help you progress and unlock exciting rewards. By completing quests, you can earn Diamonds, Advanced Summon Covenant, Goddess Hearts, and more. If you’re ever feeling lost or unsure about what tasks to complete, the Knight Emblem is your go-to guide. It’s a great tool to help you navigate the game and stay on track.

Idle Fantasia: Daily Quests

Idle Fantasia: Daily Quests

To improve your gameplay in Idle Fantasia, consistency is key. Make sure to play the game every day to maximize your progress. Take advantage of the offline rewards feature, which allows you to accumulate resources even when you’re not actively playing. Use these rewards to purchase upgrades that will help you advance faster in the game.

Daily quests and challenges offer valuable rewards, so make it a priority to complete them. Keep in mind that these activities often have limited entries, so try not to miss out on them. Although some tasks may seem repetitive, they are essential for reaching the endgame content.

Idle Fantasia: Equip Aura

The aura in Idle Fantasia acts as a combination of merged factions, providing additional effects and stats during battles. By merging existing factions, you can unlock powerful auras that enhance your combat capabilities. Here, we provide a list of additional auras and corresponding stats that you can obtain:

Deploy 2 heroes from the same faction & 2 heroes from another faction.Attack +6%
Health +7.5%
Deploy 3 heroes from the same faction to trigger factional stats.Attack +8%
Health +10%
Deploy 3 heroes from the same faction & 2 heroes from another faction.Attack +10%
Health +13%
Deploy 4 heroes from the same faction to trigger factional stats.Attack +12%
Health +16.5%
Deploy 5 heroes from the same faction to trigger factional stats.Attack +14%
Health +21%
Damage Bonus +3%
Deploy 5 Light and Dark heroes to activate factional bonus.Attack +14%
Health +24%
Damage Bonus +3%
Deploy 5 Light heroes to activate factional bonus.Attack +18%
Health +27%
Damage Bonus +3%
Deploy 5 Dark heroes to activate factional bonus.Attack +18%
Health +27%
Damage Bonus +3%

Use Idle Fantasia Codes

Use Idle Fantasia Codes

Game developers sometimes share special reward codes during special events or situations. These codes contain a mix of characters, numbers, and symbols. When redeemed successfully, players can unlock a variety of free rewards. If you’re interested in getting free gift codes for Idle Fantasia, check out our article on Idle Fantasia Codes. It provides a list of codes that you can use to receive exciting bonuses in the game.


Idle Fantasia is a unique RPG game that offers a wide range of challenges and gameplay features. By understanding the basics of heroes, chapters, teams, and battle mechanics, players can progress through the game with ease. Additionally, players can use our tips and tricks to upgrade their heroes, forge equipment, and leverage factional advantages to become even more powerful.

With the proper approach, players can enjoy the game and explore all the fantastic features that Idle Fantasia has to offer. So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting RPG game, give Idle Fantasia a try today!