Legend Of Almia – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Legend of Almia Idle RPG will take you into a fight against the dark forces, who are currently attempting to invade the continent of Almia. The Eastern Mythic Kingdom and the Western Mythic Kingdom have been at war for years, and now it is time to decide whether they will confront each other or fight together to save this legendary continent. We have created the Legend of Almia Guide with helpful tips and important points, which can assist you in avoiding newbie mistakes and progressing quickly through the game.

Understanding Your Hero Factions

legend of almia guide

As a beginner in Legend of Almia Idle RPG, it’s crucial to understand the game’s heroes. This new game has managed to create a diverse range of heroes, each with unique features due to their different factions. There are numerous legendary heroes available in the game, and the best part is that they have varying powers and strengths depending on their faction. Let’s take a look at the hero factions:

  • Dragonville – These heroes possess the Royal Divinity power and are highly skilled at attacking.
  • Rose – Heroes from Rose faction possess the Divine Force from Pope Cesare. These heroes excel in recovering and healing their allies, making them valuable healers.
  • Hell – Hell heroes are born in the abyss of damnation, and most of them possess the power to curse.
  • Genesis – These heroes originated from the Genesis Force and obtained their powers from the Goddess Armia.
  • Doomsday – Doomsday heroes are eroded and mutated by doomsday force, they have the destructive poweer of evil.

Strategic Hero Placement in Battle

legend of almia guide

When attempting to challenge opponents in the Legend of Almia idle RPG game and deal maximum damage, it’s important to use your heroes carefully as each one comes from a different element. To optimize their performance, first analyze their stats, understand their powers and skills, and evaluate how their elemental affiliation can assist you. For example, Tao is adept at controlling the wind, so placing her in the back row and center of your team allows for a wider range of ultimate skills, effectively increasing your chances of victory.

Conversely, Koizumi Nashi excels at absorbing damage, so placing them in the front row affords greater protection in battle. By arranging your heroes strategically and utilizing the right tactics, you can beat a stronger enemy team with a higher power.

Maximizing Your Attacks with Ultimate Skills

legend of almia guide

In the Legend of Almia idle RPG gameplay, your hero’s energy bar is crucial in battles. Every attack made on enemies raises the energy bar, and successful moves result in a filled energy bar, which can give you a significant advantage. With a full energy bar, you can release ultimate powers upon your enemies, providing you with a greater chance of winning. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor and manage your hero’s energy bar during battles to ensure that you have enough energy to unleash your most potent attacks when needed.

Compared to your regular attacks, these ultimate skills are significantly more potent and can deal massive damage to your enemies. As such, it’s essential to keep an eye on your hero’s energy bar, especially when facing challenging enemies. Once the energy bar is full, it’s your cue to take action as you now have the opportunity to unleash a powerful attack on your enemies. By utilizing your ultimate skills at the right moment, you can make a significant impact and increase your chances of winning battles in the Legend of Almia idle RPG game.

Conquering Tough Challenges with Auto Mode

legend of almia guide

You cannot anticipate facing the same opponents with consistent levels of power in the game. These opponents can change and simultaneously their powers may increase, leading to encounters with tougher enemies that may pose a challenge. However, there is an auto mode feature in the game that can be utilized to fight these enemies. By activating the auto mode, your heroes will unleash fierce attacks and defeat your enemies more effectively. This is an advantageous feature that can help you progress through the game with greater ease.

Use Legend Of Almia Gift Codes

The developers of the Legend of Almia idle RPG game occasionally release special reward codes known as Legend of Almia gift codes during special events or situations. These codes consist of a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols, and if redeemed successfully, players can receive various free rewards. Here check out our article for free gift codes that you can use in this game Legend of Almia Codes

Use Elemental Advantage for the Battles

legend of almia guide

In order to be successful in this game, it’s crucial to use the right heroes with the proper faction and elemental advantages. Each hero belongs to one of five elemental categories, and using the right element can provide a significant advantage in battles. Additionally, players can take advantage of faction suppressions to improve their chances of winning. By using heroes with the corresponding elements, players can increase their HP, damage, and attacks, leading to better performance in battles. Therefore, if you want to make things challenging for your opponents, it’s important to always use the appropriate elemental advantage during battles.

Clear More Stages

legend of almia guide

In Legend of Almia idle RPG game, clearing stages can help you earn more AFK revenue and progress in the game. Successful stage completion can increase your AFK revenue and move you forward in the game. The amount of revenue earned is based on the chapters cleared, so beginners and pros alike can benefit.

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