Higan Eruthyll – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Higan Eruthyll is a gacha game that combines real-time strategy and card-based gameplay, developed and published by Bilibili. The game features full Japanese and English voicework and delivers its story with a great deal of visual polish, making it a standout Android game. It offers a unique premise that sets it apart from other mobile gacha games, making it a refreshing experience for players. If you’re a beginner and want to get the most out of the game, we’ve put together this Higan Eruthyll Guide to help you with battling, upgrading, and building potent teams that will help you overcome the early challenges and hurdles of Higan: Eruthyll.

How the combat system works?

higan eruthyll guide

In Higan: Eruthyll, combat is all about strategy. As the player, you’ll take control of a team of characters, each possessing their own unique set of skills and abilities. To succeed, you must carefully consider your battle formation and choose the right cards to manipulate the flow of combat. Timing is everything since you’re limited by the amount of energy available for actions. This means you must be strategic in using your card skills, conserving energy for when it matters most.

In addition to card skills, each character has an ultimate skill that can be activated once their ultimate energy gauge is full. However, it takes time to charge up this gauge. Luckily, using your card skills helps to fill it. The game features different classes of units, each with skills that complement specific roles in battle. Tanks can absorb damage, and healers focus on keeping the team healthy. While you’re free to choose any character you like, having a tank and a healer on your team is essential for success. Overall, Higan: Eruthyll’s combat system is engaging and strategic, providing players with a unique and exciting gameplay experience.


higan eruthyll guide

You will encounter enemies with unique mechanics that require specific strategies to defeat. As you face new enemies, take note of their mechanics as they provide hints on how to prioritize your targets and take the actions that will ensure your success. Additionally, you will come across hexagonal tiles which offer helpful buffs to your characters. Placing your units on these tiles will grant them the corresponding buffs. Therefore, keep this in mind when adjusting your formation.

Roles and Classes

higan eruthyll guide

Each unit has a class and an element such as Anemo, Lumino, Pyro, Ice, or Umbra. It’s important to mix and match classes and incorporate different elements to make your team stronger. By doing so, you can target enemy weaknesses and avoid using elements that are less effective.

  • Adiutrix – Healer
  • Caster – Magic damage dealer
  • Assassin – Damage dealer
  • Guardian – Tank
  • Hoplite – Melee damage dealer
  • Ranger – Ranged damage dealer

How to equip your units?

higan eruthyll guide

You can add plays to your units by equipping them with a supporting cast of characters. To get started, go to the “Roster” section and select a unit. Under “Play”, you’ll see three slots available: Prologue, Interlude, and Finale. Simply tap on any of these slots to add a play to your unit.

You can equip artifacts or gear to provide extra stat bonuses and passive effects to your plays. Each play has a 2-set bonus, and some have a 3-set bonus. By equipping the same type of play on two or three slots, you can unlock these additional bonuses. You can also increase the level of a selected play by tapping on the “Growth” and “Upgrade” options.

There are two other options available in this menu for upgrading your plays. “Adapt” allows you to refine a copy of your play to earn a level, while “Exalting” increases the star rating for that copy. Increasing the star rating will improve the base attributes and the maximum level cap for that play.

How to upgrade your unit stars?

higan eruthyll guide

Each character in the game starts with an initial star rating, with higher star ratings indicating more powerful units. All units can reach a maximum of six stars, and you can increase a unit’s star power by selecting the “Awaken” option. To increase the star rating, you need to have duplicate copies of the same unit and consume shards to unlock their attributes.

higan eruthyll guide

Once you’ve learned the entire attribute line, tap “Awaken” to complete the star rating upgrade. Although it may take some time to upgrade your favorite unit’s stars, the gained attributes provide significant power and are definitely worth the effort in the long run.

Powering up your roster

higan eruthyll guide

If you do not upgrade your roster, your units will struggle during more challenging battles, preventing you from achieving a 3-star rating and earning maximum rewards. We have summarized the essential upgrades required and the necessary resources:

  • Weapon Refinement: Unlock new active battle skills and passive talents by building modified parts on your weapon and reaching a specified character level.
  • Character Upgrades: Levelling up your characters can significantly improve their performance, and it only requires using Inspiration materials.
  • Active Skills and Ultimates: Increasing their levels will enhance damage dealt, health restored, and buff potency. You will require two materials and some Credits, one of which is based on the individual character, while the other is Basic Combat Technique.
  • Equipped Play Leveling: Increase the base stats of your play inspiration by leveling up your equipped play. Choose a play to sacrifice for experience points during Extraction (costs Credits). You can unlock Play Resonance by extracting all assembled plays to levels 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. You can also increase the star rating of the same play to raise the base attribute and level cap.

How to get more units?

higan eruthyll guide

If you want to add more characters to your team, you’ll need to spend resources in the gacha system. To do so, tap on the “Wish” button, which will direct you to the banners page. From there, you can select a banner and choose to make either a single wish or ten wishes to collect new characters. However, you’ll need Starlight Revelation to make a wish on your preferred banner. You can earn Starlight Revelation by clearing stories, completing achievements, and finishing daily/weekly missions.

How to re-roll in Higan Eruthyll?

higan eruthyll guide

Re-rolling your account may take longer if you don’t sign in as a guest, but it’s still possible by deleting your user account data. Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the tutorial and reach chapters 1-3 of the main story.
  2. Collect your rewards from your mailbox.
  3. Choose a limited banner and tap “Wish x10”.
  4. Tap on the gear icon to access the Settings, then select “User Center” and “Delete” to erase your user data.
  5. Repeat these steps until you obtain the limited 3-star character.

If you want to increase your chances of getting the characters you want in the game, read my article about Higan: Eruthyll Codes. It will give you rewards that help you get more stuff and resources to summon more characters. And if you still don’t get the ones you want, you can delete your account and try again using the codes as many times as you like.

Don’t sleep on Higan Eruthyll

While it may be too early to determine whether Higan Eruthyll will become one of the best Android gacha games, it offers a gacha RPG experience with a storyline that is reminiscent of the Persona series by Atlus. The story revolves around saving lost souls and exploring alternate realities and psyches, which presents an opportunity for metaphorical discovery either through the main story or character interactions. If these themes interest you, it may be worth checking out Higan: Eruthyll