Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

Welcome to Artery Gear Centaur Guide, If you’re new to this game and struggling to do the first target elimination Promised Land also known as Centaur then you’ve come to the right place where I’m going to teach you how to defeat Centaur Stage 7, 8, and 9 with decent gears

How does Centaur Boss Works?

How does Centaur Boss Works?

The Centaur has the highest combat effectiveness in the game, she’s a very fast boss and she is immune to speed reduction debuff and she gains a speed buff if there’s no debuff placed on her. So the best way to remove her speed buff or stop her from gaining speed buff is to have a debuffer fast enough to land a debuff on her as soon as possible, let’s look at her skills to understand how the Centaur Boss works:

Dim Morningstar (Basic Skill) – Deals damage to a single enemy and inflict Electric Shock for 2 turns, if this unit has no debuffs, reduce the cooldown of all this unit’s skill by 1 turn.

Fallen Knight’s Hindsight (Cooldown 3 turns) – Deals damage to all enemies and increase the duration of the target’s debuff by 1 turn with a 70% probability to inflict 2 stacks of Electric Shock for 2 turns.

Corrupted Justice (Cooldown 4 turns) – Deal damage to all enemies, trigger Electric Shock Explosion, and remove all debuffs from this unit.

Ferocious – When any enemy turn is over, if this unit has no debuffs, gain SPD Boost. If this unit has debuffs, remove SPD Boost from this unit.

Charge – Deal more damage based on SPD. Immune to SPD Reduction.

The Centaur damage is based on her speed so if she gains a speed buff she is going to hit harder and wipe out your entire team with her AOE skills, the only solution to this is to have a debuffer that can land slow debuff on her before she can gain speed buff, once slow debuff is landed on her, she won’t gain buffs as long as she has debuffs and Corrupted Justice is on cooldown.

What We Need To Defeat The Centaur

What We Need To Defeat The Centaur

Let’s see what we need in order to defeat The Centaur Boss:

Debuffer – A very fast debuffer that can land debuff on the boss which stops the boss from gaining speed buff.

Buffer – Your damage dealer will need an attack buff to finish off the boss as soon as possible.

DPS – Single target good damage dealer to finish off the boss.

Healer – The Centaur deals a great amount of AOE damage that can wipe out any team so there can be situations where your team fails to land debuff on her and it can become a big problem if you have a healer, having a good team healer will make sure that your team will survive while damage dealer kills the boss.

Team Formations

Here I’m going to recommend characters that are 3 stars, free characters or characters from our reroll guide, also check our reroll guide: Artery Gear Reroll Guide


Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

Ginga is one of the highest single target DPS in the game, she can one-shot The Centaur with proper gears and she can land Electric Shock debuff which makes her a perfect unit for Centaur Boss

Skills to level up – 5/5/5
Auto-play skills – S2/S3/S1
Role – DPS + Debuffer
Gears – 6 Stars attack set from Pre-mission briefing event
Note – She needs max skills to one-shot Centaur Boss otherwise just level up 0/4/3


Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

Best support in-game, you’ll need Alice in almost all dungeons she provides an attack buff plus an extra turn to an ally and also increases the ally action bar

Skills to level up – 0/3/0
Auto-play skills – S2/S1
Role – Buffer
Gears – SPD set + Any
Note – Disable S3 of Alice because Centaur Boss is immune to SPD Reduction debuff and get her 160 SPD or more


Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

Morris is one of the best healer in the game and she does not need very good gears to shine, just use 4 stars HP set that you will get for free

Skills to level up – 0/0/5
Auto-play skills – Default
Role – Healer
Gears – Free 4 stars HP set


Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

Chihaya is a free event unit, you can still obtain her from AG Direct Hiring shop she’s

Skills to level up – 0/0/4
Auto-play skills – Default
Role – Debuffer
Gears – SPD + Status ACC sets
Note – Make her faster than the boss so the boss won’t gain a speed buff and get her 70% crit rate for her S2, it increases the duration of boss debuff which is very important for successful runs

Skill Order:

  • Chihaya uses her S3 on the Boss
  • Alice uses S2 on Ginga
  • Ginga uses S2 on the boss, S1 will trigger automatically
  • Ginga uses S3 on the boss
  • Morris uses S2 on Ginga or S3 on the team according to team health

No Alice? No problem – Enhanced Repairer

Artery Gear Centaur Guide 7-9

It’s a good idea to reroll and try to get Alice, but if you are unlucky and unable to get Alice, you can replace her with Enhanced Repairer. He can give an ally an extra turn with no attack buff and provides a healing buff which is helpful as well, make him 5 stars but do not make him 6 stars it will be a waste because sooner or later you are going to get Alice.

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