Artery Gear Reroll Guide

Welcome to Artery Gear reroll guide, here I’m going to teach you a step-by-step guide on how to open new accounts and we are going to talk about which characters are best to summon so you can progress in the early game without any problems, I guarantee you’ll be able to do all dungeons also known as target elimination within 10 days. Artery Gear Reroll guide has two parts first we will see which characters are best and where to get them and second we will reroll in case we did not get the characters that we need

All Recruitment Type Explained

Artery Gear Reroll Guide

You will need to do story mode and collect at least 1800 forging crystals so you can do 10x recruitment to get the characters that are essential for early game progression, here are the available recruitment banners for you:

  • Regular Recruitment – You can recruit all characters with the same % chance for their star ratings so I wouldn’t recommend this because we need specific characters for early game progression
  • Elite Recruitment – This recruitment event has a higher chance to recruit Ginga and it changes so by the time you are reading this guide there might be another 5 Stars character for this event, I wouldn’t recommend this also unless it has 5 stars character that you need then go for it
  • Event Recruitment – Now this is where we are going to use 1800 forging crystals to recruit 10x because event recruitment always has a new character which is usually good, you can also use Elite Recruitment there’s not much difference between Elite and Event Recruitments
  • Celebration Recruitment – Here you are going to get infinite chances to recruit 10x characters but it doesn’t have all characters of the game, you are left with limited 5 stars and 4 stars characters choices and we gonna talk about it later

Event/Elite Recruitment

Now that we have decided to use 1800 forging crystals on elite or event recruitments so the question is which characters we are going to look for and why, here I’m going to talk about characters that are essential for early game progression, and remember you can’t get these characters from Celebration Event so you must get Alice because she’s a must-have unit:

Artery Gear Reroll Guide

Alice – She’s the best support in-game, there are 4 dungeons and you are going to need Alice in all of them, S-Tier character for both PVP and PVE, she’s a must-have unit

Sirius – Sirius is an S-Tier unit for both PVP and PVE, she’s the fastest base speed character in-game, provides 100% defense break, and deals a good amount of damage, you can also see this Artery Gear Fusion Tier List

Celebration Recruitment

Now that you have got Alice from Event Recruitment, let’s talk about Celebration Recruitment, here you can recruit as many times as you want but it doesn’t have all characters like Alice, Sirius and others so you’re left with limited choice

Artery Gear Reroll Guide

Ginga – You can have one 5-star unit in this celebration recruitment and the best choice is Ginga, one of the best damage dealers in the game she will help you in Centaur also known as the Promised Land dungeon, she is strong enough to one-shot most bosses. She’s a must-have character for target eliminations and PVE modes

Roko – You’re going to need Roko for dungeons, she can easily kill any boss as long as she survives in battle, insane poison skills
Grace – She’s one of the best fodder farmers in the game, she will be useful from early to end game
Timy – Very good unit, her s3 increases the action bar of all allies which makes her a good choice for PVP in the arena
Della – She can stop most cleave teams, a very good unit for arena defense

Artery Gear Reroll Guide

Artery Gear Reroll Guide

Well you played story mode and managed to get 1800 forging crystals but you couldn’t pull Alice from Event/Elite Recruitment, that’s unfortunate but don’t worry follow this step-by-step artery gear reroll guide so you can reroll without downloading 4GB resources all over again or creating a new Gmail account

  • Sign in as a Guest and try to get the characters that you need and if you couldn’t get them, follow the next steps
  • Close the game and go to your phone Settings > Apps > Artery Gear: Fusion and click on FORCE STOP
  • Go to your File manager then Android > Data then select folder com.bilibilien.arterygear and rename it to com.bilibilien.arterygear1
  • Now go to Settings > Apps > Artery Gear: Fusion and clear Storage & cache
  • Now go back to Android > Data then select folder com.bilibilien.arterygear1 and rename it to com.bilibilien.arterygear
  • Now open the game and enjoy rerolling

Get it on Google Play > Arter Gear: Fusion